10 Foods High In Zinc


Oysters are hands-down the richest source of zinc. Just three ounces of oysters gets you a whopping 66.81 milligrams of zinc, exceeding your daily recommended zinc

Alaskan king crab

With just three ounces of Alaskan king crab, you'll be well on your way to getting your daily dose of zinc. (As if you needed another reason to go to Red Lobster.)

Grass-fed ground beef

Ground beef is a great source of zinc, with just a four-ounce serving clocking in at over half of your daily need for zinc. Beef is also rich in protein

Beef liver

Beef liver is a great source of zinc. You can get over half of the daily recommended value of zinc in a three-ounce serving. If liver and onions are not your cup of tea


Looking for a reason to splurge on that lobster at dinner? Here's one. A three-ounce serving of lobster has three milligrams of zinc


Your daily serving of oats gets you nearly three milligrams of zinc, which clocks in at almost 40 percent of your daily value of zinc.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds aren't just for fall—they make a great snack, salad topping, or addition to your trail mix any time of the year. Plus, just one ounce of pumpkin seeds

Pork loin

Pork loin is a popular and tasty protein option for dinner. And did you know that a four-ounce serving has two milligrams towards your daily needs for zinc?


A handful of cashews is a tasty snack full of satisfying, healthy fat. But did you know that cashews are also a good source of zinc? In fact, a one-ounce serving will get you nearly 20 percent


They are the stars of many plant-based eaters and vegans or vegetarians alike. With 1.53 milligrams of zinc per each 100-gram serving

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