Hearty stews for cold winter nights

Comfort food

Stews make great use of more economical cuts of meat and root vegetables. There's little hands-on time, too. All the work is done by slow cooking.

Lamb tagine

This recipe uses lamb neck fillet, which is perfect for slow-cooking. Most of the ingredients will be in your pantry, too.

Smoky bean and monkfish stew

The smokiness in this hearty fish stew comes from Spanish smoked paprika. Monkfish can be quite expensive, so you could use thick chunks of hake instead. 

Beef stew with dumplings

Winter food doesn't get more comforting than this British classic. It's also a very economical dish, where you can use any cut of beef suitable for slow cooking, such as chuck

Pasta and chickpea stew

It contains plenty of garlic, which is slowly cooked with the chickpeas until it's sweet. A pinch of chili at the end of cooking lifts the dish and balances out all the flavors.

Spicy prawn and tomato stew

Try using a mixture of squid rings and prawns, to make it more economical, and cook them for the same time as the prawns

Simple lamb stew

This really is a simple stew. Everything is cooked in one pot, including carrots and potatoes, so there's no need to add a side dish. It uses chunks of leg of lamb

Hearty, herby stew

This is a healthy, winter recipe which happens to be vegan, too. It's high in filling protein with lentils and cannellini beans

Smoky chicken and black bean stew

The smokiness in this earthy, winter warmer comes from chorizo and smoked paprika. t's made extra-filling with the black beans.

Sticky sausage and bean stew

The sausages are roasted on a bed of diced squash, chopped celery and onion with tomatoes and fresh rosemary, then you just add more tomatoes