Fast-Food Fish Sandwiches

Especially when it costs only 40 calories more to double your fish and add some cheese? Yeah, we're not sure how that math works, either Ends up, not so much

Checkers Deep

As the "budget buy" of the bunch, I find it kind of surprising that there's enough demand for this sandwich to keep it in rotation year-round.

Crispy Fish Sandwich

The panko breading is light on this somewhat trapezoidal fillet as they take a cue from Arby's to emulate an actual fish fillet shape

Pollock Sandwich

There are mixed reports as to when Arby's decided to get into "ocean meat," as a former executive for the brand it. I personally don't remember  offering a fish sandwich

Arby's  Fish Sandwich

The last time I had this sandwich, it came on a sesame-seeded round bun with lettuce and tartar sauce only. Needless to say, whoa, has it changed since then

Burger King Fish

When Wendy's came out with their premium fish sandwich, they came out hot, changing the game with cod, panko, and a buttered premium bun.

Panko Fish Sandwich

The fish that launched a thousand fish… or so it feels. This all-year classic was the first non-burger option to be added to McDonald's original menu back in 1965

McDonald's Filet-Fish

This fish sandwich is a case where the bun does the heavy lifting… but we're definitely not mad about it. As you'd rightly infer from the name, this Deluxe version of the Arby's

Hawaiian Fish Deluxe

The only one that wants to keep the spice train going, and the chicken sandwich kings are applying their exact same method to the new spicy version of their seasonal special

Flounder Sandwich

Arby's has the meats, but they're really digging their heels into bringing the heat as well. For the first time ever, their fish sandwich gets spicy

Spicy Fish Sandwich

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