Classic Sandwich Order in Every State

Pulled Chicken with White Sauce Sandwich In the heart of barbecue country, Alabama is home to its whole smoked chickens and rare mayo-based white barbecue sauce. 


Although reindeer don’t fly, they are in fact -- real. While Mr. Claus might not put you on nice list for this, spicy sausage links from reindeer meat in sandwiches are hard to come across. 


Southwestern Panini Arizona is known for it’s Navajoland, beautiful red rocks, and hot temperatures. Between a sandwich and pastry, thinly sliced ham, avocado, seasoned black beans, cheese.


Fried Catfish Po’ Boy It’s a toss up between the fried bologna sandwich and the fried Catfish Po’ Boy. If we know anything about Arkansas, it’s that the only way to go is fried.


French Dip Step aside avocado toast -- the French Dip was invented in Los Angeles, specifically at this 100-year-old restaurant, Philippe the Original. 


Fool’s Gold None other than Elvis Presley once took his private jet from Graceland to Denver solely to purchase 28 Fool’s Gold sandwiches from the Colorado Mine Company restaurant.


Fried Clam Roll Covered in shorelines, Connecticut is the destination for prime seafood shacks. On a nice summer day at Costello’s Clam Shack.


Thanksgiving Sub The easiest way to describe this sandwich is taking all of the fixings of Thanksgiving dinner and putting it into a sub.


Cubano South Floridans know a good Cubano when they see one. Made with two kinds of pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles pressed on Cuban bread.


Pimento Cheese Sandwich A local staple to southern states is pimento cheese -- a spread or relish combining shredded cheese, pimentos and mayonnaise.


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