Delicious Way Upgrade Classic Hamburger

1.Put An Egg 

Yes, We're not talking about topping your burger with a fried egg. That's old news. It's time to start cooking your egg in the center of the patty, so you can enjoy oozing yolk.

2.Throw Some Teriyaki On It

Slathering your burger in Teriyaki sauce will take it from boring to lip-smacking good in an instant! This recipe combines popular Asian stir-fry sauce with other yummy. 



3.Spike It With Beer, Australian-Style

Australians are known for their good-natured rowdiness. So why not make a rowdy burger in the style of the land down under?

4.Splurge On The Cheese

When you want to take a break from processed American cheese slices (although they have excellent melting properties), go for a crumbly goat cheese instead.

5.Turn It Into Finger Food

 Opt instead for these incredible cheeseburger bombs, made with a can of Pillsbury biscuits stuffed with ground beef,cheese. Serve with sliced gherkins as a tangy garnish.

6.Top It With Caprese Salad

Can't decide between a burger or a salad? This recipe for a Caprese Burger is perfect compromise. Stacked up high with artichoke pesto sauce, red wine-spiked beef patties.

7.Make A Big Fat Greek Burger

 For refreshing change from the classic American formula, try adding Mediterranean flavors to your burger with pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and homemade Tzatziki sauce.

8.Make A Patty Melt

If you don't like making a big fancy gourmet burger, turn to patty melt. Buttery beef patties sandwiched with melted cheese,caramelized onion between buttered slices of rye bread.

9.Put A Southern Twist On It

Sometimes all you need to do for inspiration is look to different regional specialties. Fried green tomatoes are a distinctly southern food that add an interesting.

10.Spice Things Up With Chorizo 

If you like your burgers spicy, adding in a bit of fresh chorizo to the patty mixture adds instant zing and extra flavor. 

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