Our favorite foods to put cheese on

When thinking about types of cheese, let’s not forget our spreadable friend, cream cheese! And with all the options at grocery store we now blessed with honey, and variety of other flavors.


You could settle for just butter on your baked potato... or even sour cream, chives, and bacon bits... but why would you deny yourself of throwing some melted cheese on top too?

2.Baked Potatoes

Doesn't matter if it's a side of spicy pinto beans or smoky baked beans, we like a little extra cheese to finish off the whole affair.


Parents these days sneak vegetables into their kids food by making them seem healthy, but we like told-fashioned way: covering veggies with delicious melted tempt us into eat them.


Much like broccoli, it takes some cheesy love for us to get into cauliflower, but Genius Kitchen has a recipe for cauliflower covered in cheese sauce that tempts us. 


Chicken sandwiches can only be improved with the addition of cheese, but for the best pairing of the two foods, order (or make, using this recipe from Martha Stewart) the chicken parmesan. 


There are a lot of ways to make and serve chili – like with/without meat or over spaghetti (just ask our friends from Cincinnati) – but there’s one ingredient we never forget about: cheese.


Speaking of cinnamon, have you ever noticed the subtle differences between the icings on top of cinnamon buns? There’s traditional kind, buttercream, and cream cheese, among others.

8.Cinnamon Buns

The rest of America is slowly discovering the beauty of the grilled street corn already embraced by the southwestern states, which is a win for cheese lovers.


No fancy recipes are needed to consume cheese; you can simply slice off a piece, slap it on a cracker or piece of bread (we prefer French), and enjoy!

10.Crackers and bread

 To be honest, we rarely eat eggplant (or aubergine, for our foreign readers) that isn't topped with cheese. While eggplant parm and eggplant lasagna are our go-to dishes.