Coca Cola’s Best-Selling Flavor

Mexican Cola differs from the original recipe in that it’s sweetened with cane sugar rather than a cheap corn syrup alternative.

1. Mexican Coke

Vanilla Coke will always be a top Coca Cola flavor. Original Coca Cola has always contained notes of caramel, which a vanilla infusion mingled with perfectly.

2. Coca Cola Vanilla

For those craving that blast of cherry carbonation in their drink, this flavor is a must-buy.

3. Coca Cola Cherry

This brilliant fusion drink is like a combination of a Creamsicle and classic Coca-Cola. It’s a tad fruitier than vanilla Coke

4. Coca Cola Orange Vanilla

One reviewer calls it a “great spin on Dr. Pepper” while we can definitely see the potential in this as a fragrantly bubbly rum & coke remix that you never knew you needed.

5. Coca Cola Cherry Vanilla

they released their new coffee-infused soda line, providing you with endless energy thanks to the combination of caffeine, Coca Cola, and coffee.

6. Coca Cola with Coffee, Flavor Variety Pack

For those worried about an excessive artificial citrus taste, this lime infusion is surprisingly subtle, bringing out the natural flavor of Coca Cola just the right amount.

7. Coca Cola Lime

Their new energy drinks are the size of a regular Redbull but taste just like your favorite soda.

8. Coca Cola Energy Cherry Drink

Coca Cola briefly offered a limited edition series of naturally flavored drinks that included raspberry and peach

9. Coca Cola Origins California Raspberry

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