Classic Pickled Eggs Recipe

Prep your pickled eggs ingredients

Pickle boiled eggs. None? Okay. Shelbert recommends heating water first. "10 minutes after the water boils, add the eggs. 10-minute-bathed eggs."

Make the brine

Pickles need salt. Brining: In a small pot, heat sugar, salt, pickling spice, water, and vinegars. Once boiling, simmer and add sugar. Add garlic and bay leaves.

Put everything in a jar

In a clean glass jar, combine eggs, onion, and dill (Mason jars or vintage pickle jars work well). Pour the cooled brine over everything in the jar. Jar it. Finished!

You have officially pickled eggs

Cold pickles taste better. Shelbert chooses salt and pepper. Avocados are in toast and salad. 

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