Breakfast Habits Making You Gain Weight

If you're not hungry when you wake up, eating immediately may contribute to weight gain. Listen to your body.

You eat just to eat

No news flash, but a warning: "A high-fat, high-sodium breakfast will leave you bloated and lethargic all day,"

You go for the 'grand slam

"Morning fibre makes you gassy," says DeFazio. "Fiber is good, but don't overdo it. Large amounts might cause bloating and gas by midmorning.

You overload on fiber

Lisa Hayim, RD, founder of The Well Necessities, warns, "This seemingly harmless dish is usually filled with added sugar."

You make granola your go-to

Maybe your New Year's resolution was to stay updated. Still no need to watch TV while eating.  Being focused on the TV takes away the mindfulness of eating .

Watch the morning news while eating

"Most people know a carb-loaded bagel with cream cheese has more than 500 calories. Even eating oatmeal or fruit backfires "

You grab a bagel

Sticking your hand in a cereal box is a no-no, whether you're watching the Today Show or too busy for dishes. "Portion control is non-existent when you do this,"

You eat straight from a cereal box.

Consider yourself virtuous? Beware. Fruit is nutritious and rich in antioxidants, but without protein, you'll be hungry an hour or two later, say The Nutrition Twins.

You only eat a piece of fruit

Avoid low-fat breakfasts in general, not just yoghurt. "Our brains are mainly fat, but dieters remove fat to reduce calories.

You keep your breakfast low-fat

Smoothie bowl toppings are easy to overdo "Meal Makeover Moms' Liz Weiss warns. Keep quantities to one cup and be aware of toppings.

You pour a smoothie bowl

While yoghurt is a good source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, flavoured yoghurt's high sugar content negates those benefits.

You grab a flavored yogurt

You can drink a litre of apple juice but only three apples at once. "While we all need to consume more fruits and veggies, fruit juice lacks the fibre that goes with fruit,"

You drink fruit juice

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