Best Drinks to Keep You Hydrated

Plain water is the best way to hydrate, no second guessing necessary. And this stylish water bottle makes it easy to drink enough.


Calcium and vitamin D, milk contains protein to keep you fueled on even the hottest of days, another thing water can’t do. Milk: It’s not just for kids


If it’s hard for you to drink plain water all day, infusing your water with fruit is a healthy way to add flavor without adding sugar.

Fruit-infused water

Fruit juice contains about 85 percent water, which makes it super hydrating (just make sure you’re picking 100 percent fruit juice). The vitamins within natural fruits are also healthy.

Fruit juice

OK, so this isn’t a drink…but every time you eat watermelon, you’re retaining 92 percent of the liquid you’re eating. That’s better than fruit juice!


Sports drinks also taste more flavorful than water, so they’re easier to drink quickly for those who force themselves to hydrate or who need quick hydration, like athletes.

Sports drinks

Tea is also packed with antioxidants. While the best option might be to avoid caffeine in general drinking even regular tea in moderation will help you reach your daily goal.


Coconut water boasts 95 percent water content, which is better than fruit juice. It’s also typically healthier than juices and sports drinks

Coconut water

The studies that found milk to be hydrating didn’t test other “milks,” like soy, coconut or almond, but the Cleveland Clinic recommended the unsweetened

Milk alternatives

10 water-filled food keep body hydrated