10 water-filled food keep body hydrated

 They also have a lot of fiber (3 grams), are a decent source of vitamin C (about 10% of your daily value), and contain only about 50 calories.


Speaking of vitamin C, did you know a one-cup serving of bell peppers contains three times the amount of vitamin C as an orange

Bell peppers

 Eating broccoli raw is also the best way to retain its nutrients, which include fiber, iron, and vitamins C and K.


It may not be watermelon, but cantaloupe, another member of the melon family, is still packed with water.


They’re mostly water—about 88% water, to be more precise. They’re also a diet-friendly snack


Celery is actually 95% water, which means when compared to carrots, it’s actually an even healthier vehicle for delivering dips


Although cheese can absolutely be part of a healthy diet, the only variety that’s touted as a weight-loss food is cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese

just remember that cucumbers consist of 96% water, so cucumbers basically already are cucumber water. It’s actually the wateriest item on this list. Enjoy!


 A full cup! That’s a lot of hydration power, but it’s worth noting that one grapefruit also contains more than twice the amount of vitamin C


 vitamin C and potassium, honeydew melons contain as much water as a cantaloupe, which makes sense because those two are always hanging out together in fruit salads.