America’s First Fast-Food Burger

If you've ever been to a vending machine, you know that they're usually meant for things like chips, drinks, or candy.

It serves up hot, made-to-order burgers at the press of a button. The machine, called RoboBurger, was recently installed inside the Newport Centre Mall

The company, co-founded by Audley Wilson, serves "restaurant-quality freshly grilled burgers from scratch at the mall's northern exit on the second floor.

Taking the COVID-19 restaurant era to new heights, the vending machine offers a complete contactless ordering and delivery experience

Despite the physical constraints of a vending machine, RoboBurger uses a five-step cooking process. The machine grills the patty

Assembles the burger, and delivers the food to the customer. The machine includes an interior refrigerator, an automated griddle, and a cleaning unit.

Using a touch screen, customers can add toppings to their burger while the robot grills the patty and delivers it around six minutes later. The machine accepts cards

RoboBurger's patties are 100% grass-fed beef, rounding out the cost of a burger to be around $7 each. So what do the burgers taste like

 completely changed once I took my first bite," Montgomery wrote. "RoboBurger is just the beginning of a revolution in the food industry

According to Wilson, RoboBurger has technology that can control how much burger scent is released into the air while its robot chef cooks up the meal.

"After a few simple clicks on the RoboBurger's screen, it started the process of cooking my meal," Montgomery said. "Moments later, the surrounding area filled 

The market as high-tech innovations sweep the restaurant world. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common

Castle turn to robots to take orders and flip burgers. Last month, Chipotle announced it has created a robot named Chippy that will make fresh tortilla chips