9 Underrated Foods from Your Favorite Fast-Food Restaurants


Chicken put KFC on the map, but the Famous Bowl is the way to go. Creamy mashed potatoes are topped with gravy, corn, & popcorn chicken. 

1 KFC Famous Bowl

2 Hershey's Sundae Pie

You know the classics at Burger King, but take a gander at the desserts. The Hershey's Sundae Pie starts with a chocolate cookie crust topped with chocolate & vanilla cream.

Skip the overly complex burger & just double up on an order of CrissCut Fries for your next visit to Carl's Jr. 

3 Carl's Jr. CrissCut Fries

4 Subway Cookies

When you walk through the doors of Subway, you probably recognize the fresh bread smell. But there's something even better baking in those ovens: cookies. 

5 Checker's Loaded Fries

They're incredibly crispy & perfectly seasoned, but add cheese & bacon or chili on top for an out-of-this-world treat. You may want to order two.

6 Krispy Kreme Chocolate

Sure, you know about Krispy Kreme's hot, fresh glazed donuts. But on Fridays, the chain offers chocolate-glazed donuts, and they're worth the trip to the donut shop.

Skip the blizzards and go right for the Frozen Hot Chocolate . The fast-food company combines chocolate fudge & soft serve in its slush mix for a delicious creamy dessert.

7  Frozen Hot Chocolate

8 Dunkin' Hash Browns

They come as a side to breakfast sandwiches, most people probably skip them—but you shouldn't. Each order of hash browns at Dunkin' is seasoned with a spices & cooked to order. 

9 Potbelly PB&J

Whether you're feeding a picky child or you just don't feel like a traditional sub, you can always get a classic PB&J sandwich at Potbelly.


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