10 Tips to Maintain Blood Sugar Level

Follow a Balanced Diet with Complex Carbs

Produce, lean protein, healthy fats. Skip trans fats, sugar, and processed food. Fiber-rich, unprocessed complex carbohydrates. Slow-digesting and sustaining.

Benefits of Barley

Lund University in Sweden found that barley's fibres may reduce appetite and blood sugar. Researchers suggest barley reduces CVD risk.

Lose Those Extra Kilos

Insulin resistance and diabetes are caused by obesity. Obese people may benefit by losing 5-10%. Dietitian for weight loss.

Try Nuts

Protein, vitamins, and minerals decrease cholesterol, inflammation, and insulin resistance. Almonds, cashews, chestnuts, walnuts, or pistachios may manage blood fats and sugars.

Ginger Benefits

ginger can regulate blood glucose by utilising muscle cells. Ginger extracts increased glucose absorption in muscle cells without insulin.

Benefits of Resistant Starch

According to Irish experts, bananas, potatoes, cereals, and legumes may help manage blood sugar, promote GI health, and increase satiety.

Cinnamon Can Help

Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, found that Cinnamaldehydein is responsible for cinnamon's health benefits. 

Maintain Regular Meal Schedule

Grow Fit's principal nutritionist thinks frequent meals manage blood sugar. Six modest meals a day reduces quantities and sugar.

Physical Activity is a Must

"Regular exercise is necessary for controlling glucose levels. Exercise uses insulin. 30 minutes of daily walking reduces diabetes risk by one-third.

Have Breakfast Like a King

Tel Aviv University researchers claim a high-energy breakfast and moderate meal may manage blood sugar. 

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