5 Foods Secretly Causing Abdominal Fat

1. Cheese

"This particular food could be secretly causing your abdominal fat primarily due to the frequency and quantity at which you consume it.

Most forms of cheese are high-calorie and high-fat, making them okay for a salad topping

Deli meat and other types of processed meats have been found to not only lead to increased risks of heart disease, but also a potential increase in body weight as well.

2. Deli meat

This food is a go-to for many wanting to cut back on carbohydrates while still getting in an adequate amount of protein to help keep them full and satisfied," says Best.

"Not all salad dressing is healthy and many types can increase the calorie and fat content of your salad without you noticing, and can lead to abdominal weight gain

3. Salad dressing

nd stall weight loss efforts," says Best. "When choosing a salad dressing, opt for vinegar, oil-free balsamic options, or a squeeze of lemon for flavor."

"These bars can be a healthy addition to a weight loss diet, but when we don't give weight to the quality of nutrients

4. Meal replacement bars

they can actually encourage abdominal weight gain," says Best. "Processed meal replacement bars are often high in calories, fats, sodium, added sugar, and refined carbohydrates.

"Ice cream is another food that can contribute to the accumulation of belly fat because it's loaded with sugar and saturated fat, both of which are high in calories

5. Ice cream

and it's very easy to overeat," says Quezada.Quezada says that it's not just about the foods you limit or remove from your diet, but it's about the healthy ones you add as well.

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