Best Food to Burn Abdominal Fat

Grapefruit is the best food to help reduce abdominal fat.

Made famous by the old-school grapefruit diet, the humble grapefruit has been theorized to be a fat-burning fruit that can help you get a flat tummy simply by including it in your daily life.

While no clinical data confirm that eating grapefruit will literally burn off your belly fat to the point that you will be blessed with a svelte physique within days,

Some studies show that eating this fruit may naturally support your weight loss goals, and in turn, help reduce your abdominal fat.

Data published in the Journal of Medicinal Food shows that eating half of a fresh grapefruit before meals is linked to significant weight loss.

According to observational data published in Food and Nutrition Research, body weight, waist circumference, and BMI were lower among female grapefruit consumers compared to grapefruit non-consumers.

And when evaluating the effects of eating specific varieties of grapefruit on weight, data from a small study shows that

eating one-half of a Rio Red grapefruit before each meal for 6 weeks resulted in a significant reduction in waist circumference.