12 Magic Foods That Relieve Cold

symptoms of a cold to stave off getting full-blown sick. To get your zinc fill, toss back a couple of oysters.


chicken soup's medicinal power may be attributed to chicken breast and real chicken broth, that helps the body

Chicken soup

kiwifruit, the Chinese Gooseberry— fruit by New Zealanders—is also one of nature's most powerful cold remedies


Yogurt is the most commonly widely available probiotic food. Look for brands with "live and active cultures


A handful of almonds is both preventative and therapeutic for the common cold, but you have to eat them whole

almond skins

their nighttime coughing and an overall better night's sleep than those who didn't take the honey.


placebo came down with nearly three times as many colds as those who selected a daily garlic supplement


the worst parts of a cold is the effect that it has on your sinuses. There's nothing worse feeling that can't breathe through your nose

Chili Peppers

oatmeal  contains beta-glucan, which stimulates the immune system and makes it one of the best cold remedies


fluids help with congestion and other cold symptoms, but coconut water specifically is a great option for cold remedies

Coconut Water

This food remedy doesn't even require you to consume ginger to start feeling relief.  that is always the best option


Kale is a superfood full of nutrients, so it's no surprise that with all its talents, it also contains quercetin


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