Nice on ice: 12 foods that freeze the best

If you’re not planning on serving your avocados diced or sliced, they’re fine in the freezer—just halve them first. In fact, they’ll get mushy in the freezer, so this is perfect for a future


Avoid mushiness or freezer burn, first slice the bananas, then place them in a single layer on a parchment paper-covered cookie sheet and put the whole thing in the freezer


If you’re just planning on using the berries for smoothies, you can skip this step—but you might want to consider freezing them in smaller batches so you don’t end up with one giant berry ball.


We’re fans of both buying and making fresh bread, but it, unfortunately, gets moldy faster than the bagged varieties of breads and buns that contain additives and preservatives.


Be sure to use an airtight container—not just for optimal freshness, but also because improperly sealed butter can pick up tastes and odors from other foods in the freezer.


The best candidates for chilling include hard and semi-hard varieties like cheddar, Swiss, provolone, Colby, jack, and mozzarella, as well as softer goat cheeses.


It’s important to freeze and thaw the chocolate gradually. To achieve this, place the chocolate in the fridge for 24 hours before putting it in the freezer. To thaw it, reverse the process!


You can get a great deal on eggs by buying in bulk, but using 24-48 eggs prior to their expiration date can be a challenge. Add another 9-12 months to that date by storing them in the freezer.


Fatty fish like herring, mackerel, and sardines require glazing or vacuum sealing, but salmon and trout are fine in the freezer for up to three months.


 Remove the flour from its bag and use an airtight container with as little air in it as possible for freezing. The best part? Since there’s no moisture in flour.


Not only will the shelf life go from one month to six months, but it’s much easier to grate frozen ginger! You can also mince or grate the ginger first.


They make a great snack while still frozen. Use the same approach as bananas: put them on a tray first before transferring to a freezer-safe bag or container.