12 Food Swaps That Cut Thousands of Calories

Just one tablespoon of mayo can add 90 calories to your 'wich, but spicy mustard is often zero. No wonder why using the right condiments

Swap Out Mayo for Mustard

Sometimes that second piece of bread is really unnecessary. By eating your lunch open faced, you cut 120 calories. And if you take it with a fork

Make it Open Faced

Eggs and cheese do go hand in hand, but they also boost calories like no other. Next time you need more flavor in your scramble

Spice Up Your Eggs

You'll save more than 100 calories and over 20 grams of sugar by choosing a sugar-free, unflavored fizz such as plain seltzer.

Sip Seltzer, Not Soda

You'll save nearly 30 calories by noshing on pistachios instead of walnuts. Plus, shelling the pistachios yourself will help you snack slower and therefore get full faster

Go Nuts

Instead of sugar-filled dried cranberries, strive for fresh ingredients that provide natural sweetness and texture. Fibrous vegetables are low-cal and high in nutrient

Choose Fresh Fruit

We get that the tangy, creamy, smooth addition of sour cream is irresistible. But for nearly the same palatable experience, you can save over 30 calories

Go Greek

Starting your day with sweetness means your body will be craving it all day long. Instead of loading your coffee with sugar try sprinkling in blood-glucose

Sweeten With Cinnamon

Ah, popcorn. The high-fiber snack can be kept low-cal, but only if you prepare it correctly. Ditch the butter, ditch the bags, and invest in an air popper. By air popping

Air Pop

Picking Halo Top in the same indulgent flavor will save you almost 200 calories in addition to 8 grams of heart-harming saturated fat and 18 grams of sugar.

Enjoy a Better Ice Cream

Using "just a little" bit of regular olive oil in the pan can add 120 calories. By spritzing, the oil is well spread out, requiring you to use way less.

Spray, Don't Spread

Before inviting everyone over for Taco Tuesday, make sure to stock up on corn tortillas. They're gluten-free, pack in three grams of belly-filling fiber

Do Taco Night

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