12 Best Protein Packed Meats

This poultry pick for Thanksgiving alone. Loaded with lean protein, turkey is one of the healthiest meats you can buy

Turkey Breast

Lower in fat than beef, the typical bison steak has 25 percent fewer calories than its cow counterparts. It can be cooked and used in similar ways

Bison steak

Elk steak has about half(!) as many calories as beef since it's much lower in fat. To keep it tender and juicy, aim to cook it

Elk steak

Slightly higher in protein, iron and vitamin C than beef, emu is a muscle-building star. Marinate for 12 to 24 hours to infuse

Emu steak

From filet to ribeye, there is a good amount of high-quality protein in beef. Lately, pro steak chefs are into the reverse sear 

Beef steak

Lower in saturated fat than beef, this unique protein pick is best served medium rare. Try marinating for 12 to 24 hours, then grilling

Ostrich steak

Hop to it and pick up some of this lean protein on your next supermarket run. It works well slow roasted, pressure cooked or braised


An upgrade for your next burger night! Try bison instead of beef for a bit more protein, half the saturated fat, plus a hint more iron

Ground bison

With nearly half (yes, really!) of the calories and one-fifth of the fat of beef, venison is among the leanest red meats around

Venison steak

Protein source is among the highest in protein with just under 24 grams of protein in chicken per 4-ounce serving size

Chicken breast

unique source of high-quality protein? Goat's got you covered: It ranks among the highest-protein meats, and tastes

Goat steak

Grandma knew what she was doing when she recommended liver and onions. Beef liver is remarkably high in vitamin A, vitamin B12

Beef liver