A watermelon is between 90% and 95% water so it's a sweet way to stay hydrated in summer's heat. They're such a great source of essential hydration

lower your blood pressure

This essential electrolyte and mineral is helpful for lessening the effects of sodium on blood pressure and is also important for proper nervous system

reach your daily veggie quota

Yes, watermelon is one of those that can be considered both a fruit and a vegetable, as it's a member of the gourd family

help you lose weight

Eating chunks of fresh watermelon as an appetizer or in a salad is a good low-cal (just 40 per cup) way to fill up before a meal and it could be a useful weight-loss

keep you regular

Watermelon isn't really a great source of dietary fiber, but its high water content will help you go to the bathroom like clockwork

give you gas or diarrhea

On the flipside though, like apples and pears, watermelon is pretty high in fructose and can cause gas and diarrhea

improve your libido

A particular beneficial function of the phyto-nutrient citrulline, which is found abundant in watermelon

the cardiologist away

A compound in watermelon has been shown to reduce levels of cholesterol and decrease the amount of artery-clogging plaque 

reduce your added sugars

A slice or two of watermelon is a lot more nutritious than a watermelon-flavored freeze pop full of high-fructose corn syrup.

raise your blood sugar

If you eat a couple of slices, it may slightly raise your blood sugar, which may be a concern if you have prediabetes or diabetes

help prevent asthma

 Rich in vitamin C may fight the inflammatory free radicals that some experts believe trigger the development of asthma