10 Worst Foods For Your Abs

1. White Bread

"White bread is a refined carb, and is high on the glycemic index which can spike blood sugar levels," says Schapiro. 

2. Muffins

Muffins are typically made from refined white flour, and they also can have a lot of fat and sugar. Easy to see why it's not a great pick for breakfast or dessert

3. Potato Chips

Chips are typically made with hydrogenated oils, and high in fat which is hard for your body to burn off, staying stuck around your middle," Schapiro says.

4. Diet Foods With Artificial Sweeteners

Studies show that artificial sweeteners have been linked to belly fat," Schapiro says.Yes, this includes a "diet" cookie or baked good.

5. Dried Fruit

dried fruit is high in fructose,says Schapiro. Fructose is actually metabolized in the liver,and when you consume a large amount of fructose,your liver breaks it down to glucose and fat

6. Canned Soup

Canned soup is very high in sodium, plain and simple. And it's for that reason alone it's a food you really want to limit when you're trying to flatten your belly.

7. Ice Cream

I'm not saying you have to give up all ice cream forever if you want abs, however frequent consumption of high calorie foods like ice cream can lead to weight loss.

8. Frozen Pizza

"A whole [frozen] pizza can contain more sodium and carbs than is recommended in a day which can cause bloating and weight gain—not great for abs," says Michalczyk.

9. Processed Snacks

Processed snacks like chips, pretzels, and candy are often high in calories, preservatives, and sodium. And constantly snacking on these high-sodium meals and snacks causes bloating

10. Fast Food

when eaten frequently can lead to weight gain in the stomach region and can prevent you from getting or maintaining abs," says Michalczyk. 

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