10 Snacks for your outdoor adventure

1. Cheese

Prepackaged cheese like those little Babybel wheels are easy to pack and unwrap anywhere and anytime, or you could go with the stick varieties

2. Dried fruit

Plenty of options—from raisins and cranberries to mango, apricots, and berries—are available at the grocery store, and they contain the same amount of nutrients as the fresh kind.

3. Energy bites

Energy bites are basically numerous protein and power-packed foods all rolled into one.


4. Energy bars

Numerous other brands all make energy or protein bars that are specifically designed to fuel you with various levels and combinations of protein, carbs, calories, and nutrients.

5. Fresh fruit

There’s no reason you shouldn’t pack a fresh apple, orange, watermelon (pieces, not a whole one), grapes (try freezing them!), or other juicy fruit for your outing.

6. Frozen yogurt

Freeze Go-Gurt or other tube-style yogurts overnight, so when you eat them a couple of hours later, they’ll still be cold.

7. Fruit leather

It’s like Fruit Roll-Ups, but for adults (and kids too).Plus, fruit leather can be much healthier,because you can make it yourself at home in an endless number of flavors and varieties

8. Granola

It has a long shelf life, packs easily, withstands the elements, can be consumed as a topping or a standalone snack, and has just the right amount of sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

9. Hummus

It’s a superfood that’s super portable, too. If you’re venturing out for the day, hummus just needs to be packed in an airtight (and leakproof!) container.

10. Nut butters

Almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter, it’s all good as a calorie-dense snack or meal. Spread it on bread or use it as a dip for fruit, veggies, or crackers.