5 Side Effects of Eating Too Much Pasta

according to some studies, high-carbohydrate diets are linked to an increased risk of developing diabetes.

1. You may increase your risk of developing diabetes

Since traditional pasta is a source of carbohydrates, eating large portions frequently could load your body up with too many carbs and put your body in danger.

If you are eating pasta as your meal multiple times a week, you may be lacking variety in your diet, and thus may be missing out on key nutrients.

2. You may miss out on key nutrients

Instead of eating the same thing over and over again, switch it up to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

If you are choosing the white variety of refined pasta—oftentimes the white variety—you may have an increased

3. You may be at an increased risk of developing heart disease

risk of developing heart disease if you eat it too often. A high-carbohydrate diet, namely from refined grains, is linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Having high blood pressure can put your body at risk for developing conditions like heart disease. Better to save your pasta meal for an occasional meal

4. You may have an elevated blood pressure

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One serving is considered to be about ½ cup, yet many people tend to eat a whole lot more than that – especially if dining at a restaurant.

5. You may eat too many calories, and therefore gain weight

Eating too much pasta can cause you to take in too many calories, and in turn, put on unwanted weight.

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