10 Recipes For Ballpark-Favorite Foods

During a sunny day game, lemon-flavored ice treats are easily our favorite ballpark snack. They’re refreshingly frozen, they last for a while, and they’re not a bad bang for your buck

Lemon ice

There’s something about the sweetness of a milkshake that balances out with the saltiness of pretty much every other item in this list, and we rarely pass up on a frothy frappe


You probably already know how to make nachos—it’s as simple as topping tortilla chips with meat, veggies, salsa, and melty cheese. But to make stadium-style nachos, you need cheese sauce.

Nacho cheese

You can fry (or air fry!) a whole basket of these at home by either making them from scratch (like this recipe from Just a Taste) or simply buying your favorite frozen bagged variety.

Onion rings

A hot, fresh slice of pizza is a great food to eat at a ballgame...but NOT a great food to throw at your fellow spectators. Making your own pie at home ensures that the slice stays on your plate


Stadiums serve popcorn by the bucketful, and they always seem to be coming up with more imaginative spins on this classic snack. We think buttered popcorn is best reserved for the movies


There are a variety of methods to make homemade chips, but when we make the call to the bullpen, we ask them to send in the air fryer.

Potato chips

The cheese curd and gravy-covered French fry dish—over the last decade? We can’t explain it, but we don’t want to look a gift horse in its fry-filled mouth.


That’s because a slow cooker makes it so easy (and so tasty!) and we don’t need to worry about grabbing 50 napkins from the concession stand in order to eat it. 

Pulled pork sandwich

Some stadiums have Polish sausages, some have Italian sausages, and some even have German brats. When you can’t order up a sausage as big as a Louisville Slugger, you can opt to make one safe