10 foods you shouldn't eat after 30

Flavored yogurts

Sugar makes the aging process faster. The trick to keeping tight skin is to know where the sugar is lurking. You may not expect it, but fruit-flavored yogurts are full of sugar.

Canned soup

Canned soups contain a huge amount of salt, which is known to increase blood pressure.It's much better to make your own soup.

Pop tarts

The reason pop tarts in particular are so bad for you is their insane sugar content. If you're planning to have children, having a high sugar diet could jeopardize your chances.

Breakfast pastries

Their high fat content leads to a higher calorie intake and possible weight gain.In the long-term, higher body mass leads to many adverse health conditions.

Protein bars

These bars are packed with so many chemicals and so much sugar that it is not worth the amount of protein it adds to your diet.

Brown soda pop

They have linked the dyes to potentially higher risks of cancer. Moreover, sugar is bad for both male and female fertility.


Oreos are symbolic of all the empty calorie foods that you can consume when you are younger without gaining weight.


These high-sugar beverages in your thirties could be catastrophic. Not only do they contribute to weight gain, but they also disrupt sleep.


Having one glass is okay, excessive amounts on the weekend in your thirties and beyond can lead to premature aging.


They are worth four slices of bread because the dough is a lot denser. It is much better to just have two slices of whole wheat toast.

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