10 foods you didn’t know were fruits

Not only are they actually fruit, but they’re specifically berries, due to their fleshy endocarp and single seed.


 The hulls are edible early on, but by the time the beans are ready to harvest, their pods are no longer palatable. 


Bell peppers are just another example of a fruit being treated as a vegetable.

Bell peppers

Just because chili peppers have some spice, it doesn’t mean they aren’t fruits, too.

Chili peppers

It makes sense that a coconut would be a fruit, given that it grows on trees in tropical climates like pineapples or mangoes.


Its kernels are whole grains that can be milled, but corn is also a low-calorie and low-fat starchy vegetable. 


However, they are the seed-bearing product of a flowering cucumber plant, which means they are fruits


 Eggplants are indeed fruits, even though they are often mistaken for—and treated as—vegetables. 


They are a “dry fruit,” because when fully mature, the exterior will dry out, crack open, and reveal a mature seed

Green beans

A lot of people don’t know what a kumquat is at all, so it’s likely many are unaware it’s a fruit—and a delicious one at that!


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