15 Things Everyone  Should Keep in Their Home

Safety: First Aid Kit

"It goes without saying that you should have a fully stocked first aid kit in the kitchen,"

Safety: Power Outage Essentials

"Having properly working flashlights could play a critical and vital role in the case of a short-term or long-term power outage

Safety: Fire Extinguisher

"Keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen, in the garage or carport and in the second story area, if your home has more than one level,"

Safety: Carbon Monoxide Detector

"A detector can alert you to the presence of the gas and help you get to safety immediately.

Safety: Tarps

Current storm they can be used to secure those items that may become airborne."

Safety: Whistles

"Keep some whistles handy on each floor and tell members of the family to blow them if they spot something going wrong fast

Home Care: Broom and Dustpan

"I like an angled-bristle broom (one longer end makes it easier to clean in corners) and a dustpan that clips to the broom

Home Care: Microfiber Cloths

"These nonabrasive synthetics are often sold by the bag. They're fabulous magnets for dirt and grease.

Home Care: Rubber Gloves

"No matter if you're cleaning your oven or have some 'dirty work,' the gloves are your protective gear,"

Home Care: Cleaning Wipes

"This is helpful if you have to clean your bathroom before guests arrive," says Powers. 

Home Care: Squeegee

"If you want perfectly clean windows and mirrors, you can't go without a squeegee. 

Home Care: Baskets

"Baskets help you transport and store all kinds of stuff and they help with decluttering," 

Cooking: Sharp Knives

There are very few recipes that don't require using a single knife

Cooking: Pots and Pans

When it comes to your pots and pans. "Small and large sauté pans, small and large lidded pots and a large stockpot."

Cooking: Utensils

These basic tools should be corralled on your counter, but the good news: They don't have to be expensive.