10 food pairs double weight loss

Pistachios + Almonds

Cereal and pretzels taste good, but they don't cause bloating. Replace starchy carbs with nuts. Nuts can speed weight loss, say researchers.

Canadian researchers say their insoluble fibre boosts ghrelin. Polyphenols burn fat and prevent weight gain. This meal gives you abs before summer. Waiting works.

Oatmeal + Berries

Nut Butter + Banana

Complex carbs and protein help muscle recovery.  Protein and healthy fats slow sugar digestion, preventing blood sugar spikes. Peanut butter and bananas provide protein and carbs.

Leafy Greens + Olive Oil

If you're hungry, sauté kale in olive oil. Monounsaturated fats in olive oil and kale help stave off hunger.

Yogurt + Cinnamon

Several pounds. Vitamin D-rich yoghurt aids weight loss (we like Stonyfield Organic). Calcium and vitamin D reduce fat absorption, says Nutrition Journal.

Tuna + Ginger

Tuna roll and ginger sashimi show off abs. Ginger reduces "food baby" fast. Blocks bloat-causing genes and enzymes.

Bananas + Spinach

Resistance starch. Starch aids digestion and satiety. Food digestion improves fat oxidation and reduces abdominal fat. Potassium-rich bananas reduce bloating.

Corn + Beans

Corn has resistant starch like bananas. The corn's calories and glucose are stored as fat if not burned off, aiding weight loss. Make a corn-and-bean side dish.

Potatoes + Pepper

Half a pepper-and-olive-oil-roasted potato. Black pepper's flavouring compound, piperine, may reduce waist size, body fat, and cholesterol.

Apples + Watermelon

Watermelon improves lipid profiles and reduces fat accumulation. This healthy duo will turn your two-pack into a six-pack fast.

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