10 Different Types of Bananas

Cavendish bananas are "typical" market bananas. Dessert-like. Ripening stages include green, yellow, and yellow with brown spots. Central America's economy depends on them.

1. Cavendish Banana

Indonesians love Pisang Raja bananas. They're yellow to orange and taste like honey custard. They're 4-6 inches long, shorter than Cavendish Bananas.

2. Pisang Raja

Red bananas have a reddish-purple skin. They're sweeter and softer than Cavendish bananas. They're enticing because of their raspberry taste.

3. Red Banana

Lady Finger bananas are sweeter and smaller than Cavendish. They're 3 inches long, creamy, and sweet with honey undertones.

Lady Finger Banana

Due to their sweet vanilla flavour and creaminess, Blue Java bananas are called ice cream bananas. Blue peel, white flesh. They may grow in cooler climates.

5. Blue Java Banana

Cooking bananas are plantains. High in starch, they're employed in savoury meals. Not eaten uncooked. West and Central Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America eat them regularly.

6. Plantain

Manzano bananas taste apple-strawberry and are sweeter than Cadvendish. USA, Caribbean, and Mexico grow them. Golden skins turn black when they develop.

7. Manzano Banana

Burro bananas taste lemony and acidic, making them unusual. Cavendish bananas are flatter, smaller, and squarer. Creamy white or yellow flesh with a firm core.

8. Burro Banana

The yellow Barangan banana is sweet and gentle. White, seedless meat. It's a popular tropical dessert.

9. Barangan Banana

A team of scientists in Honduras developed the pest-resistant Goldfinger banana. When green, it's fried and when ripe, raw. It aims to replace the disease-prone Cavendish banana.

10. Goldfinger Banana

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