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7 Types of Siamese Cats by Body Structure and Color

Siamese cats are renowned for their striking appearance and distinctive personalities. They come in various types, distinguished not only by their coloration but also by their body structures. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Siamese cats and explore seven types based on their body structure and color.

Traditional Siamese:

Body Structure: Traditional Siamese cats have a sturdy, muscular build with a round face and medium-sized ears. Their bodies are well-proportioned, and they have a balanced appearance.

Color: Traditional Siamese cats typically have a cream-colored body with darker points on their ears, face, paws, and tail. These points can be seal, chocolate, blue, or lilac in color.


Applehead Siamese:

Body Structure: Applehead Siamese cats have a distinctively round head shape, resembling an apple. They have a robust body with a broad chest and short legs.

Color: Like traditional Siamese cats, applehead Siamese cats display darker points on a lighter body. Their coat color can range from creamy beige to pale fawn, with points in seal, chocolate, blue, or lilac.


Modern Siamese:

Body Structure: Modern Siamese cats are known for their sleek, slender bodies and angular features. They have long, tubular bodies, large ears, and a wedge-shaped head.

Color: Modern Siamese cats often have a lighter body color, such as ivory or cream, with darker points in seal, chocolate, blue, or lilac. Their coat is short and glossy, accentuating their elegant appearance.


Oriental Siamese:

Body Structure: Oriental Siamese cats share the slender physique of modern Siamese cats but with a more elongated body and larger ears. They have a graceful, lithe appearance.

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Color: Oriental Siamese cats come in a wide range of colors and patterns beyond the traditional points. These include solid colors like black, white, red, and cream, as well as tabby, tortoiseshell, and bi-color patterns.


Colorpoint Shorthair:

Body Structure: Colorpoint Shorthair cats have a similar body structure to the modern Siamese, with a sleek and slender build. They have large ears and a wedge-shaped head.

Color: Colorpoint Shorthair cats exhibit the classic Siamese pattern of darker points on a lighter body. However, they may also come in additional colors such as red, cream, lynx (tabby), and tortoiseshell.



Body Structure: Balinese cats share the elegant body structure of the Siamese but with a longer coat. They have a slender body, large ears, and a wedge-shaped head.

Color: Balinese cats typically display the traditional Siamese color points, but their longer coat gives them a luxurious, flowing appearance. They come in seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point variations.


Lynx Point Siamese:

Body Structure: Lynx Point Siamese cats have a similar body structure to traditional Siamese cats but with a subtle difference in their coat pattern. They have a sturdy build and a round face.

Color: Lynx Point Siamese cats have tabby markings on their points, giving them a distinctive appearance. These markings can be seen on their ears, face, legs, and tail, adding a unique touch to their classic Siamese look.

In conclusion, Siamese cats come in a variety of types, each with its own unique body structure and coloration. Whether you prefer the traditional elegance of the applehead Siamese or the sleek modernity of the colorpoint shorthair, there’s a Siamese cat to suit every taste. Regardless of their type, Siamese cats are beloved for their affectionate nature, intelligence, and stunning appearance.

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