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Embark on a cinematic journey with the 8 best movies currently streaming on Netflix in the year 2024. Explore a diverse range of genres and narratives that promise to captivate audiences with compelling storytelling and exceptional performances. From gripping dramas to heartwarming comedies, this curated list ensures an enriching and entertaining viewing experience.


Discover the latest releases and timeless classics that have garnered critical acclaim, making them must-watch choices for movie enthusiasts on Netflix in 2024.

Top Movies to Watch on Netflix

The world of streaming entertainment continues to captivate audiences globally, with Netflix at the forefront. As we step into 2024, the platform is gearing up to offer an impressive array of movies to delight viewers.

Let’s explore the eight best movies that should be on your watchlist.


1. May December

“May December” takes the lead on our list, a cinematic gem directed by Todd Haynes and already adorned with a coveted Golden Globe nomination. Todd Haynes, celebrated for his distinctive storytelling and directorial finesse, presents a compelling narrative that beckons cinephiles. The film promises an immersive experience, offering a unique blend of visual artistry and nuanced storytelling that sets it apart.

With a nod from the Golden Globes, “May December” becomes a must-watch, inviting audiences into Haynes’ creative realm, where emotions and intricate narratives converge. As the first entry on our list, this movie stands as a testament to the director’s prowess, ensuring an engaging journey for those seeking profound storytelling on the cinematic canvas.


For cinephiles in pursuit of films that leave a lasting impact, “May December” is poised to be a standout choice, captivating hearts and minds with its compelling narrative in the year 2024.

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2. Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984

For enthusiasts of superhero sagas, the dynamic duo of “Wonder Woman” and its sequel “Wonder Woman 1984” awaits on Netflix for streaming pleasure. Immerse yourself in the legendary realm of Diana Prince as portrayed by Gal Gadot, and witness her extraordinary heroic exploits in these blockbuster classics. “Wonder Woman” introduces us to the Amazonian warrior’s origin story, blending action and heart with director Patty Jenkins’ visionary touch.


The sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984,” catapults us into the vibrant era of the ’80s, promising dazzling visuals and exhilarating adventures. With both films available for streaming, fans can relish the empowering journey of DC Comics’ iconic heroine, experiencing the blend of strength, compassion, and cinematic spectacle that these superhero epics deliver.

Grab your lasso of truth and embark on a thrilling cinematic escapade with Wonder Woman on Netflix.

3. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Get ready for a nostalgic journey as the animated “Super Mario Bros. Movie” is slated to hit Netflix in January 2024. Drawing inspiration from the cherished video game franchise, this film guarantees animated delight for audiences of all ages. Dive into the whimsical world of Mario, Luigi, and their iconic Mushroom Kingdom adventures, brought to life with vibrant animation and playful storytelling.


The anticipation builds for a nostalgic reunion with beloved characters, promising a trip down memory lane for long-time fans and an enchanting introduction for new audiences. The arrival of this animated gem on Netflix adds a touch of joy to the start of the year, making it a must-watch for those seeking a delightful blend of animated fun and gaming nostalgia.

Buckle up for a cinematic odyssey with the beloved Super Mario Bros., set to capture hearts and bring smiles to viewers in the new year.


4. Welcome to Samda

Elevating the anticipation for January 2024, Netflix unveils “Welcome to Samda,” shrouded in mystery as details about the movie remain tantalizingly under wraps. The air of secrecy surrounding this release adds an extra layer of intrigue, enticing movie enthusiasts to eagerly await its unveiling. The mere prospect of a fresh cinematic arrival sparks curiosity and excitement, promising a new and uncharted journey for viewers.

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As the veil of secrecy is maintained, “Welcome to Samda” becomes a mysterious gem on the streaming horizon, beckoning audiences to indulge in the thrill of discovering the unknown. With Netflix bringing forth this enigmatic release, the start of the year holds the promise of cinematic surprises and the joy of exploring uncharted narratives.


Buckle up for a ride into the unknown with “Welcome to Samda,” poised to be a captivating addition to Netflix’s diverse catalog in the coming year.

5. Leave the World Behind

Helmed by Sam Esmail, the creative force behind “Mr. Robot,” the psychological thriller “Leave the World Behind” graced Netflix in December 2023. Esmail’s signature storytelling prowess, honed in the realm of “Mr. Robot,” seamlessly intertwines with the thriller genre, delivering a gripping narrative that demands a spot on your watchlist.


As Esmail navigates the intricate corridors of suspense and psychological intrigue, “Leave the World Behind” promises an immersive experience, where twists and turns captivate audiences. The film’s arrival on Netflix adds a layer of excitement for thriller enthusiasts, offering a cinematic journey enriched by Esmail’s unique directorial touch.

Dive into the enigmatic world crafted by this acclaimed director, where storytelling mastery converges with the suspenseful allure of the thriller genre, promising a memorable viewing experience for those craving suspense and cinematic brilliance.


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6. Rebel Moon (Part One)

Prepare for an epic experience as Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon” unveils its first part on Netflix in December 2023. Renowned for his grand filmmaking, Snyder brings his visual prowess to the forefront, ensuring a captivating and visually stunning adventure for audiences. The anticipation surrounding this release is fueled by Snyder’s reputation for delivering cinematic spectacles, promising an immersive journey into a world crafted with his distinctive style.


As the first part of “Rebel Moon” hits the streaming platform, viewers can expect a blend of Snyder’s signature visuals and engaging storytelling, creating a cinematic event that stands out. With the promise of larger-than-life storytelling and breathtaking visuals, this release becomes a must-watch, solidifying Snyder’s status as a master storyteller in the realm of cinematic epics.

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride into the universe of “Rebel Moon,” where Snyder’s vision unfolds in all its glory, delivering an unmissable experience for fans of grand-scale filmmaking



Capturing the spotlight of the Golden Globes, “BEEF” emerges as a must-watch on Netflix, drawing attention for its exceptional qualities. This acclaimed production has piqued the interest of industry experts, earning recognition from one of the most prestigious awards in cinema. Delve into the narrative depth and cinematic brilliance that propelled “BEEF” into the Golden Globes’ esteemed radar. As viewers embark on this cinematic journey, the film’s ability to resonate with audiences and critics alike becomes apparent.


The allure of “BEEF” lies not only in its accolades but in the captivating storytelling and performances that have garnered such acclaim. With a Golden Globes nod, this film promises an enriching viewing experience, inviting audiences to explore the nuanced layers that contribute to its recognition in the cinematic landscape.

Don’t miss the chance to uncover the magic behind “BEEF,” a cinematic gem that has earned its place among the industry’s elite.

Final Words

As we conclude our cinematic exploration, the 8 best movies on Netflix in 2024 offer a delightful mix of storytelling brilliance and cinematic excellence. From thought-provoking narratives that delve into the complexities of the human experience to lighthearted comedies that provide much-needed laughter, these movies showcase the diverse spectrum of filmmaking available on the streaming platform.


Whether you seek suspense, emotion, or pure entertainment, this selection promises a cinematic journey that transcends genres and time periods. Make the most of your Netflix subscription by immersing yourself in these cinematic gems that continue to define the art of storytelling.


How often does Netflix update its movie selection?

Netflix updates its movie selection regularly, with new titles added each month. Keep an eye on the platform’s “New Releases” section for the latest additions.

Can I access the same movies on Netflix in different regions?

Netflix’s content library varies by region due to licensing agreements. Some movies may be available in one region but not in others.

Are the movies on Netflix in 2024 available in 4K resolution?

Netflix offers a growing selection of content in 4K resolution, including many movies. However, the availability of 4K content may vary based on your subscription plan and the device you’re using.

You can find the recommended movies by searching for their titles directly on the Netflix platform or navigating to the designated genre categories, such as “Drama,” “Comedy,” or “Thriller.”


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