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The 7 best small towns to retire to in America

Lake Success, New York

Nestled on Long Island, just outside the bustling New York City, Lake Success offers retirees a unique blend of tranquility and urban accessibility. The town provides fitness center memberships, ensuring residents can stay active and healthy. Additionally, scheduled game and movie nights foster a sense of community, making retirement in Lake Success a delightful experience.


Highland Beach, Florida

For those seeking laid-back coastal living, Highland Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida, is an idyllic retreat. This small town boasts calm beaches and breathtaking views, creating a serene atmosphere for retirees. The town’s tranquil environment, coupled with its scenic beauty, makes Highland Beach an excellent choice for those looking to embrace the sun-soaked days of retirement.


Indian River Shores, Florida

In the vacation community of Indian River Shores, Florida, retirees can find a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty. With a median property price of $774,700 as of early 2023, this small town offers an upscale living experience. Residents enjoy the charm of this vacation haven and the various attractions that make Indian River Shores an ideal retirement destination.


South Palm Beach, Florida

South Palm Beach stands out as an upscale and secure city, providing retirees with a haven of relaxation. Boasting a range of attractions, including museums, golf courses, restaurants, and shopping districts, this town offers a diverse array of activities. Its accessibility to airports and, of course, pristine beaches make South Palm Beach an attractive retirement refuge.

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Dutch Island, Georgia

With only 480 residences, Dutch Island in Georgia provides an intimate community lifestyle for retirees. This charming small town offers an array of activities, including tennis, beach volleyball, boating, hiking, and a community pool. Dutch Island’s focus on community engagement and recreational opportunities creates a welcoming environment for retirees seeking an active lifestyle.


Hillsboro Beach, Florida

Situated an hour outside of Miami, Hillsboro Beach, a neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, offers an urban vibe for retirees. With residents earning above-average incomes and owning their properties, the town exudes affluence. Hillsboro Beach provides an ideal mix of urban amenities and the laid-back charm of coastal living.


Gulf Stream, Florida

Our journey concludes in Gulf Stream, Palm Beach County, where an active lifestyle meets affluent living. This small town is renowned for its parks, recreational opportunities, and a booming economy. With high household incomes and a majority of residents owning their homes, Gulf Stream is a desirable haven for retirees seeking an enriched retirement experience.

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