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The 7 Best Films On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

Unveiling a meticulously curated list, this selection represents the pinnacle of cinematic brilliance. “The 7 Best Films On Amazon Prime Video Right Now” isn’t just a compilation; it’s a promise of a mesmerizing journey across a spectrum of diverse genres. As you delve into this handpicked assortment, anticipate a captivating escape into the enchanting realm of storytelling. So, buckle up for an odyssey through the cinematic landscape, where each film stands as a testament to the craft of filmmaking. This isn’t just about entertainment; it’s an invitation to explore the multifaceted facets of human emotion, to laugh uproariously, to shed a tear, and to be transported to fantastical realms.


The 7 Best Films On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

The Departed (2006)

The Departed (2006)

Director: Martin Scorsese

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

“The Departed” immerses viewers into the intricate world of organized crime and undercover operations. Martin Scorsese masterfully weaves a tale of suspense, loyalty, and betrayal as the characters navigate the blurred lines between duty and survival. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of crime boss Frank Costello adds an extra layer of menace to the already intense narrative. The film’s gritty atmosphere and unexpected twists keep audiences on the edge of their seats, making it a modern classic in the crime thriller genre.


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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Director: Wes Anderson

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime

The extraordinary level of attention to detail that Wes Anderson is known for is on full display in “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” The film’s distinctive visual style, which is characterized by eye-catching colors and compositions that are symmetrical, contributes to the film’s whimsical storytelling. A number of peculiar characters are brought to life by the ensemble cast, which includes Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori, including other notable actors. The narrative of the film, which is set against the backdrop of war-torn Europe, is the result of a skillful combination of humorous and melancholy moments, which results in a narrative that is both entertaining and emotionally resonant.


Inception (2010)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

“Inception” is a cinematic puzzle crafted by Christopher Nolan, challenging audiences to question the nature of reality. The film’s innovative concept of dream infiltration is visually groundbreaking, with scenes that defy gravity and bend the laws of physics. Hans Zimmer’s haunting score adds an extra layer of intensity, complementing the intricate plot. As Dom Cobb’s team ventures into dreams within dreams, the narrative explores themes of guilt, redemption, and the subconscious mind, making it a thought-provoking and visually stunning experience.


The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network (2010)

Director: David Fincher

Genre: Biography, Drama

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David Fincher’s “The Social Network” offers a compelling exploration of the human drama behind the creation of Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg captures the complexity of a brilliant mind driven by ambition and a desire for recognition. The film delves into themes of friendship, betrayal, and the consequences of success, all set against the backdrop of Silicon Valley’s competitive landscape. Aaron Sorkin’s sharp dialogue adds a layer of wit and intelligence to the narrative, making it a captivating examination of modern entrepreneurship.


The Shape of Water (2017)

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” is a cinematic fairy tale that captivates with its visual poetry and emotional depth. The film’s Cold War setting provides a backdrop for a love story that transcends societal norms. Sally Hawkins delivers a powerful performance as Elisa, a woman who finds a connection with a mysterious aquatic creature. The film’s exploration of otherness, love, and the power of communication is enhanced by Alexandre Desplat’s enchanting score and del Toro’s signature blend of fantasy and reality.


Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Director: Kenneth Lonergan

Genre: Drama

“Manchester by the Sea” is a raw and emotionally charged drama that explores the depths of grief and the complexities of human relationships. Casey Affleck’s portrayal of Lee Chandler, a man grappling with a tragic past, is hauntingly authentic. Kenneth Lonergan’s screenplay unfolds with a delicate balance of heart-wrenching moments and subtle humor, creating a narrative that resonates on a profound level. The film’s New England setting becomes a character in itself, shaping the characters’ experiences and adding a layer of melancholy to the storytelling.


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The Farewell (2019)

The Farewell (2019)

Director: Lulu Wang

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Lulu Wang’s “The Farewell” is a culturally rich and emotionally resonant exploration of family dynamics and the ways people confront mortality. Awkwafina’s performance as Billi brings a perfect blend of humor and vulnerability to the narrative. The film navigates the clash between Eastern and Western approaches to illness and death, highlighting the universal theme of love and familial bonds. Lulu Wang’s storytelling, rooted in her own experiences, brings authenticity to the film, making it a poignant and relatable journey for audiences of diverse backgrounds. “The Farewell” is a celebration of life, love, and the shared human experience.



The 7 Best Films On Amazon Prime Video Right Now” extend a compelling invitation to cinephiles, opening the doors to a world adorned with cinematic brilliance. Within this curated selection, genres unfold like chapters in an exciting novel, ranging from the enigmatic allure of mystery to the captivating charm of animation. This assortment is more than just a list; it promises an enriching, immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. As you navigate through this cinematic trove exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, anticipate an elevation in your movie-watching escapades. These aren’t just films; they’re masterpieces waiting to unfold, promising to captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your cinematic journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes these films the best on Amazon Prime Video?

A: Each film offers a unique blend of storytelling, performances, and cinematic excellence, creating an unparalleled viewing experience.

Q: Can I find these films on other streaming platforms?

A: The selection is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, providing subscribers with an exceptional array of cinematic gems.

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