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10 Best & Medium Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Medium Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair – Welcome to the world of medium-length hairstyles crafted exclusively for men with curly locks. In recent years, there has been a growing appreciation for the unique charm and versatility that curly hair brings to the table. This guide aims to navigate the realm of medium-length hair, offering insights into the diverse array of styles that cater specifically to the curly-haired gentlemen.


We’ll explore how different curl patterns and face shapes play a role in choosing the perfect hairstyle, delve into popular options like the classic quiff and curly afro, and provide practical tips on maintenance, care, and styling.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural curls or trying something new, this comprehensive guide will empower you to embrace your curly locks with confidence and style.

Importance of choosing the right medium-length haircut for curly hair

Selecting the appropriate medium-length haircut for curly hair is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, curly hair comes with its own unique texture and patterns, making it essential to choose a hairstyle that complements these natural attributes. The right haircut can enhance the beauty of curls, creating a harmonious and well-balanced look.


Face shape plays a pivotal role in determining the ideal hairstyle, and medium-length cuts offer versatility in catering to various face shapes. Choosing a haircut that aligns with your facial features ensures a flattering appearance, boosting overall confidence.

Moreover, the right medium-length haircut for curly hair can simplify styling routines. By working with the natural curl pattern, the hairstyle can be easier to manage, saving time and effort in daily grooming. This practicality is especially important for individuals with busy lifestyles.


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Medium Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Classic Tapered Cut

The classic tapered cut for men with curly hair involves keeping the sides and back shorter while leaving sufficient length on top. This timeless style offers a clean and neat appearance, emphasizing the natural curls.

The tapered effect adds a subtle contrast, allowing the curls on top to stand out. This low-maintenance haircut is versatile and suits various occasions. To maintain the shape, regular trims are essential.


The classic tapered cut strikes a balance between sophistication and casual charm, making it a popular choice for those seeking a polished yet relaxed look.

Messy Curls with Fade

The messy curls with fade is a stylish choice for men with curly hair. This haircut features shorter sides and back, gradually fading from the top. The emphasis is on embracing the natural texture of curls, allowing them to fall in a carefree and tousled manner on top.


The fade adds a modern touch, creating a sharp contrast that accentuates the curly texture. This effortlessly cool style requires minimal styling while exuding a laid-back and trendy vibe. Perfect for those who appreciate a low-maintenance yet fashionable appearance, the messy curls with fade is a go-to option for showcasing curly hair with flair.

Curly Undercut

The curly undercut combines a contemporary edge with the natural charm of curls. This style features short sides and back, gradually transitioning to longer curls on top, creating a striking contrast. The undercut adds a modern and bold touch, emphasizing the volume and texture of the curls.


This versatile haircut allows for various styling options, from a casual tousled look to a more polished finish. The curly undercut suits a range of personalities and occasions, providing a dynamic and on-trend appearance. Regular maintenance is key to keeping the shape and ensuring the curly undercut maintains its sharp and stylish silhouette.

Textured Crop

The textured crop for men with curly hair is a contemporary and dynamic choice. This style involves keeping the sides and back short, while the top retains enough length to showcase the natural texture of curls.


The key feature is the textured finish, creating a playful and modern look. The varied lengths add depth and movement to the curls, giving a relaxed yet stylish appearance.

This low-maintenance haircut is versatile, allowing for easy styling and adaptability to different occasions. The textured crop is perfect for those seeking a casual and on-trend hairstyle that complements the inherent charm of curly hair.

Medium Length Curly Shag

The medium-length curly shag is a laid-back and effortlessly cool hairstyle. This shaggy cut for men with curly hair incorporates varying lengths, allowing curls to fall freely. With a relaxed and natural look, the medium-length shag exudes a carefree vibe while showcasing the unique texture of curls.


This versatile style requires minimal maintenance, making it suitable for those who prefer a more relaxed grooming routine. The shaggy layers add movement and dimension to the curls, creating a stylish and fashionable appearance.

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Whether styled casually or slightly tousled, the medium-length curly shag captures a modern, free-spirited aesthetic for a distinctive and easygoing look.

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Curly Quiff

The curly quiff is a bold and stylish choice for men with curly hair. This haircut features shorter sides and back, while the top is styled into a voluminous quiff. By embracing the natural curls, this look adds a distinctive touch to the traditional quiff.


The curly texture provides volume and character, creating a statement hairstyle. This style exudes confidence and modernity, offering a playful twist on a classic look.

Regular trims and proper product usage help maintain the shape and definition of the curly quiff. Perfect for those who want a daring and fashionable appearance, the curly quiff combines sophistication with a touch of rebellion.

Long Curly Bob

The long curly bob is a stylish and contemporary choice for men with longer curls. This shoulder-length haircut embraces the natural curl pattern, creating a chic and versatile look. The extended length allows for various styling options, from loose and flowing curls to pulled-back styles.


This haircut suits those who prefer a more substantial and expressive appearance. Regular maintenance, including trims to prevent split ends, is crucial for keeping the long curly bob in shape. Ideal for those seeking a distinctive and on-trend hairstyle, the long curly bob effortlessly blends sophistication with the free-spirited charm of longer, naturally curly locks.

Curly Mohawk

The curly mohawk is a bold and edgy hairstyle that merges a classic punk-inspired look with the unique charm of curls. This haircut involves shaving the sides and leaving a strip of curly hair on top, creating a distinctive and rebellious appearance.


The curly mohawk emphasizes the contrast between the shaved sides and the voluminous curls, making a strong statement. This daring style suits those who want to stand out and showcase their individuality.

Regular trims and styling are essential to maintain the sharp silhouette of the curly mohawk, ensuring it retains its bold and stylish impact.

Side-Parted Curly Hair

The side-parted curly hair is a refined and sophisticated choice for men with curly locks. This classic haircut features a distinct side part, creating a polished and timeless look. The sides and back are kept slightly shorter, allowing the natural curls to take center stage on top.


This style adds a touch of elegance to curly hair, making it suitable for various occasions. The side part provides structure and definition, enhancing the overall appearance.

Regular trims and proper product usage are essential for maintaining the shape and ensuring a neat side-parted look. Ideal for those seeking a well-groomed and stylish aesthetic, this hairstyle effortlessly blends classic and contemporary elements.

Wavy Pompadour

The wavy pompadour is a modern and suave hairstyle that merges the iconic pompadour with the charm of natural waves. This haircut involves keeping the sides and back shorter while styling the top into a voluminous, wavy pompadour.


The wavy texture adds a laid-back and effortlessly cool element to the classic pompadour, creating a unique and stylish look. This versatile hairstyle can be adapted for both casual and formal settings, offering a sophisticated yet relaxed appearance.

Regular trims and the use of styling products are essential to maintain the shape and definition of the wavy pompadour, ensuring it retains its fashionable and refined allure.


In conclusion, the right medium-length haircut for curly hair goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a celebration of individuality and natural beauty. By understanding the interplay of curls, face shape, and styling techniques, men can embrace a hairstyle that not only flatters but also simplifies their grooming routine.


Whether it’s the classic quiff, tousled curls, or a bold curly afro, the chosen hairstyle becomes a statement of confidence and style. This guide empowers men with curly hair to navigate the world of medium-length hairstyles, encouraging them to appreciate and showcase their unique, textured locks with pride.


How can I prevent frizz and maintain healthy curls in a medium-length hairstyle?

Regular moisturizing, using sulfate-free products, and avoiding excessive heat are key. Consider leave-in conditioners and oils to keep your curls hydrated and vibrant.

Will a medium-length curly hairstyle work for my face shape?

Yes, medium-length hairstyles offer versatility for various face shapes. Be it a round, square, oval, or heart-shaped face, there are suitable styles that can enhance your features.

What styling products are best for medium-length curly hair?

Products like curl-enhancing creams, gels, and mousses work well. Experiment to find what suits your hair type, and don’t forget a good diffuser for blow-drying.

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