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In-Depth Product Review Of Soy Copper Pans

Soy Turkiye is a cookware manufacturer that is relatively new to the market. Emir Ali Enç founded the corporation in the early twenty-first century. Silver and soy copper pans cookware are the two most common types of cookware in their collection. Soy copper pans and cookware will be the center of our study, but we will also cover their whole line of silver cookware. It is recommended that you view the firm’s promotional film on Vice for further information about their company and history. It is pretty interesting, and you will understand how their cookware is manufactured.


Silver Or Tin Lined Cookware 

The lining and the material they employ distinguish them from every other manufacturer in the industry. Soy Turkiye manufactures cookware with a tin or silver lining as an option. Most copper cookware manufacturers no longer produce soy copper pans with a silver lining. This is primarily due to financial constraints. It just does not justify the high price tag attached to it. Even though silver is preferable to tin, the price rise significantly impacts the company. According to their estimates, manufacturing cookware with a silver lining will cost them millions. The customer will be unconcerned about this and will only notice a rise in the cost of goods. Demand will decrease as soon as the price increases. It is not an appropriate option for a company.


It does, however, have some advantages over tin. Silver is more durable and has a more excellent heat conductivity than gold. The melting point of silver is 1,763 degrees Fahrenheit, which is far higher than what you can achieve at home. Tin has a melting point of 449.5°F, which is much lower than gold. In addition, silver itself is a superior heat conductor than copper, by about 17 percent greater.

As a result, Soy Turkiye manufactures cookware entirely made of silver. As a result, you can anticipate the price to be much higher. If you decide to go with all-silver cookware, you could expect to spend roughly 5 thousand dollars for the same comparable soy copper pans. Eventually, the benefits diminish. The amount of money you put into a pan will generate less value than the amount of money you take out. On the other hand, some folks just have an excessive amount of money.


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Soy Copper Pans Design

This section will go through the many components of the soy copper pans

 collection. In this session, we will examine its construction and assess whether or not it is a well-made pan.


While most manufacturers employ a cast iron or brass handle, several exceptions exist. Theirs is made of bronze alloy. According to the company, its “Patented Alloy” prevents heat transmission and remains cold to the touch. It’s interesting to see that the bronze handle still has a brass appearance. The handle itself has a unique design that is worth noting. It has a trident-like appearance when it is placed on the skillet. Heat is prevented from passing via the space between the forks. It is flat so that it will not spin in your hand as you hold it. Furthermore, the ergonomic grip provided by the handle’s curves is excellent. Even though it is not very attractive, it is beneficial.


The handle of their Rondeau is even more unsightly; it has the appearance of a coat hanger. What were they thinking at the time? Putting appearances aside, the hook is tiny, which will make it difficult to gain a solid grasp on it. It is something you do not want to happen, particularly if you are transporting a lot of hot liquid.

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The skillet and the Rondeau have a form that is similar to one another. The sidewall on the Rondeau seems to be higher than the rest of the building. Because the skillet has a lower flared side, it is easier to flip food in the pan. It also assists in the evaporation of liquids, as previously stated. In addition, unlike other frying pans, the side gradually raises. A gradual slope makes it easier to whisk sauce and prevents items from being trapped. Their rondeau and frying pan are both well-crafted pieces of equipment. After a time, the rough hammered surface may become a bit irritating, but it will no longer be apparent. Furthermore, since it does not have a curled lip, it won’t be easy to pour liquid.



In general, the thicker thesoy copper pans is, the better it will perform. Thickening options are available from 2 to 3 mm in thickness from Soy Turkiye. Right in the middle of the ideal thickness range, to be exact. Thin soy copper pans will quickly lose heat, making it an unattractive material. Overly thicksoy copper pans will lose its ability to respond to heat quickly. Sadly, most French manufacturers create thin cookware to appeal to the general public. Even though they heat up quickly, they are terrible for hot food.


Hammered Finish 

Copper is a malleable metal. Annealing is required when working with thin gauge copper, which must be hammered. This work hardens it and aids in preserving the pot’s form. However, because of the thickness of the Soy Cookware, this is not required at all. I think it was done mainly for the sake of appearances. In addition, I believe it is a bit overdone. The gentle pounding of Italian and French cookware is much more appealing to me.


Cost. Customer Service and Warranty

They are a new firm with their headquarters in Turkey. There are distributors worldwide, but the likelihood is that you will interact with a distributor. The quality of customer care provided by such distributors might vary. I’ve also heard and dealt with complaints of rudeness in Soy customer service, although it’s possible that this was due to a communication problem.

Because they are a new firm, they must price their goods competitively to succeed. If you are solely interested in the cookware, it represents a good value in that regard. You will getsoy copper pans with a silver lining that is 2.5 mm thick. This is something that you will no longer be able to get from French Copper Cookware.


In addition, the guarantee is highly substantial. They guarantee that the warranty remains in effect for the duration of the product’s life, regardless of who owns it. This means that even if you purchase it second-hand, your guarantee will remain in effect. This was referred to as the Heritage Warranty. A lifetime warranty covers the tin and silver lining. All you have to do is mail it back to them, and they will reissue it to your account. There is no other firm that provides this. Another concern is how long this will continue. We are still unsure how long their firm will be in operation. It is also unclear whether or not they may modify the warranty shortly. In that sense, it is a bit of a chance, but what they are offering is incredibly compelling.


Bottom Line 

Overall, I am pleased with what soy copper pans have to offer. For their cookware, they make use of a thick layer of copper. Unlike other manufacturers, its tinning is covered by a lifetime warranty. Aside from that, the warranty is transferrable. I don’t like how their handle is designed; it’s quite plainly, slightly unsightly. Compared to the other French manufacturer, its current pricing represents a significant saving. Let’s only hope they’ll be around for a long enough time. Unfortunately, they are a new firm, and it is unclear how long the company will remain in operation.


Soy Copper Pans emerge as a remarkable addition to kitchenware, showcasing a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Crafted with copper, these pans offer exceptional heat conductivity, allowing for precise temperature control during cooking. The non-stick properties and elegant copper exterior make them a versatile and visually appealing choice for culinary enthusiasts. While their performance excels in many areas, understanding their maintenance, compatibility, and specific cooking capabilities enhances the overall experience with Soy Copper Pans.



What sets Soy Copper Pans apart from other cookware options?

Soy Copper Pans stand out due to their use of copper, providing excellent heat conductivity for precise cooking control. The non-stick properties and elegant copper exterior add to their appeal.

Are these pans suitable for all types of stovetops?

While copper pans generally perform well on most stovetops, it’s essential to check for compatibility with specific surfaces. Some models might not be suitable for induction cooktops.

How do you maintain and clean Soy Copper Pans?

To maintain their quality, hand-washing with mild soap and gentle cleaning is recommended. Avoid abrasive materials that could damage the non-stick surface. Additionally, periodic seasoning may help prolong their non-stick properties.

Can Soy Copper Pans handle high-heat cooking?

Copper pans excel at even heat distribution, making them suitable for various cooking techniques, including high-heat cooking. However, it’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent damage.

Are there limitations to using Copper Pans in terms of certain types of foods?

While generally versatile, acidic foods might react with the copper surface, causing discoloration. Using a protective layer like stainless steel or seasoning the pan can mitigate this issue when cooking acidic ingredients.

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