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Le Creuset Dutch Oven Sizes: Le Creuset dutch oven is the strongest oven with reasonable prices, which are affordable for everyone. If you are wandering to buy one, then great. You can buy a le Creuset dutch oven even without thinking. 


Since 1925, Le Creuset has been producing its signature porcelain-coated cast iron cookware, and its goods have earned global company recognition. As a result, people collect not only the diverse sizes but also the different colors. Adding to your collection will help you elevate the look of your kitchen; however, finding the correct size can be difficult.

The majority of consumers buy their goods in a combination of online and in-store shopping. To ensure that you obtain the correct product when you aren’t holding the piece in your hands at the store, we have prepared a handy guide to everything Le Creuset sizing-related. 


I’m delighted to take you through the several Le Creuset Dutch Oven sizes and forms available to you in this article. You should now know more about which model will work best in your kitchen. And, if you’re anything like me, you’re likely to find some fascinating items that you’ll want to put on your “wish list” for when the time is right. So let’s work together to find you the perfect piece.

How to Find Your Le Creuset Dutch Oven Size?

Many Dutch oven companies use markings to identify their products, including the company, the batch number, and even the area where the item was manufactured. On the other hand, the size of your article is indicated by the markings on your Le Creuset piece.


A number will be found at the bottom of your piece when you turn it over to the other side. That number represents the diameter in centimeters. You’ll only find a letter on a few models, and each letter correlates to a different measurement.

These types of marks can also be found on the undersides of the tops. If you’re looking at lids and pots from approximately the same period, they should be able to fit together quite well. Note that the shape and fit of lids and jars have varied throughout the company’s lengthy history, making it necessary to try them out in person before purchasing them.


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Le Creuset Sizes Dutch Oven: Round or Oval 

Round ovens are ideal for cooking stews, casseroles, and other similar dishes. Oval ovens are particularly well adapted for cooking meat on the bone and roasting.

I recommend you read my article on what type of Dutch oven you should buy here before deciding.

The information in this post will aid you in deciding cooker when a round or oval Dutch oven and between a 5-quart and a 7-quart Dutch oven.


Dutch Oven Sizes Le Creuset

Before you begin thinking about what size dutch oven you’ll need, it’s a good idea to understand how Le Creuset determines “sizing” in the first place.

Dutch ovens are sized primarily by the amount of food they hold. Therefore, the product label “Quarts” is used by Le Creuset for products sold in the United States market. In most other countries, liters are the unit of measurement.

Besides the circumference of your open dutch oven, you should also become familiar with its diameter across the top of the pot. Being aware of this specification can be quite beneficial when determining the size of a dutch oven that you already own.


To ensure that you always have a size reference in case you need it, the diameter (in centimeters) is stamped on the bottom of most models. The exact measurement can also be seen on the inside of the majority of lids.

Some earlier models may also have a letter stamped on the bottom and lid. However, this is uncommon. This was done for you to be able to match the appropriate top and bottom. An “A” lid would go with an “A” bottom, and vice versa. The letter system has become outdated and is no longer very useful because of the changes in font sizes over the last 95 years.


What is the Size of My Le Creuset Dutch Oven?

The words Dutch oven and Le Creuset are synonymous with one another. This French Le Creuset cookware brand is known for its attention to detail, which is one of the reasons it is considered the Rolls Royce of cookware.

This great manufacturer has incorporated the size of the cookware into the bottom of its numerous pans, which is very remarkable. In the many styles of Le Creuset cookware, the number on the bottom corresponds to the inside diameter of the oven or the pan it is intended for.


As a result, turn your piece of cookware over and take note of the dimensions of your Dutch oven. By comparing your results to the chart below, you will know in no time the Dutch oven size.

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven Sizes

It is recommended that you choose an oval Dutch oven if you intend to cook a significant number of wide slices of meat. Although the elongated shape is ideal for accommodating a complete rack of ribs, a large roast, or even a whole turkey, it does not accommodate smaller items.


Generally, I would recommend an around type if this is your first and only Dutch oven. In addition, they can perform everything an oval one can do, except fitting the most significant chunks of meat into the cavity. Furthermore, circular Dutch ovens are generally easier to use than square Dutch ovens since they fit more comfortably on most stovetop burners.

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Le Creuset Dutch Oven Sizes Chart 

Letter, Number, Capacity, Weight & Serving Sizes for the Le Creuset Round Dutch Ovens


Round Le Cruset Dutch Oven 

It is Le Creuset’s iconic hallmark cast-iron cooking pot, and it is also one of their most popular models.

The spherical form fits snuggly on any cooktop and can be readily inserted into a standard oven without difficulty.

As you can see from the vast number of sizes available, they are only outnumbered by the even more significant number of colors available.

Depending on the size you choose, it will accommodate nearly any food you wish to create.

14_1 qt0.093.8 lbs1
16A1.5 qt1.3 ltr6 lbs1-2
18B2 qt1.8 ltr7.25 lbs2-2
20C2.5 qt2.4 ltr7.8 lbs2-3
22D3.5 qt3.3 ltr8.75 lbs3-4
24E4.5 qt4.2 ltr9.5 lbs3-4
26F5.5 qt5.3 ltr10.5 lbs5-6
28G7.25 qt6.7 ltr11 lbs7-8
30H9 qt8.5 ltr12.25 lbs9 plus
34I13.25 qt12.5 ltr16.5 lbs9 plus

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

Oval Dutch ovens are ideal for cooking vast chunks of meat, fowl, and even whole turkeys if the size is appropriate.

It will fit perfectly inside a standard oven and produce tender meat or any other recipe you throw at it with no problem.


The oval Dutch ovens by Le Creuset are also available in a broader range of sizes and colors than the round Dutch ovens.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Brand: Le Creuset
  • Capacity: 4.7 Liters
  • Color: Oyster
  • Finish Type: Enameled
Number =DiameterLetterQuartsLitersWeightServings
1711 qt0.09 ltr14.1 ltr1
23_2.75 qt2.6 ltr8 lbs2-3
25C3.5 qt3.2 ltr8.5 lbs3-4
27_4.25 qt4.1 ltr10 lbs4-5
29E5 qt4.7 ltr11.08 lbs6
31G6.75 qt6.3 ltr12.55 lbs6-8
33_8 qt7.5 ltr14.8 lbs7-8
35H9.5 qt9 ltr16.15 lbs8-10
40_15.5 qt14.1 ltr24.9 lbs12-14

Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole

These tiny casseroles are ideal for serving one or two people. When hosting a party, each guest might have a pot to use. Alternatively, prepare a variety of foods that may be served right from the cooker – they will be stunning.

141 qt0.9 ltrSingle

Le Creuset Saucepan Sizes

When you cook with one of the Le Creuset Saucepans, you will get the benefits of cast-iron cooking to the fullest extent. A tight-fitting cover, a large handle, and excellent heat retention make this a fantastic alternative to the classic saucepan.

With the oven-safe knob on the top, the entire sauce can be used in the same way as a Dutch oven would be. If your recipe calls for it, cook on the stovetop for a few minutes before transferring to a normal range. 

161.25 qt1.2 ltr
182 qt1.8 ltr
202.5 qt2.3 ltr
222.75 qt2.5 ltr

Which Size of Le Creuset Dutch Oven Sizes is Best For Me?

When it comes to casting iron, sizing is a delicate subject to broach with care. Because it is such a hefty substance, you must constantly measure the requirement for room against the weight of the material. Therefore, while you should make sure that the piece you choose is large enough to manage the cooking you conduct, you should avoid selecting the most substantial size on the market.


In real terms, here is what a typical capacity looks like:

  • 18cm = serves 2
  • 22cm = serves 3-4
  • 24cm = serves 4-5
  • 26cm = serves 6
  • 28cm = serves 6-8
  • 30cm = serves 8-10

The largest size isn’t necessary for a household of two unless you regularly (i.e., once or twice a week) prepare for larger groups of people. Similarly, if you are a family of six, getting the smallest size will only frustrate you. Choosing the appropriate size is determined by a mixture of several factors.


Size of Servings

As earlier said, the size of your cooking pot is defined by the number of meals you prepare regularly. When you eat with your family, consider how many of them are children. Dinners for Thanksgiving or other special occasions should be avoided unless you have dedicated storage space for a dutch oven that is rarely used throughout the year.

If you’d like to have leftovers as well, you might want to consider ordering one size larger so that you’ll always have something to put back in the fridge. On the other hand, if you are not the sort who enjoys leftovers, scaling directly to the serving size may be an excellent way to minimize the pieces to a bare minimum.


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Options For Storing Data

If you have a small kitchen, storing a large dutch oven is not only inconvenient, but it could also be potentially dangerous. In addition, it can be challenging to raise and stack a large dutch oven in a small kitchen due to the appliance’s weight. Choosing a size that can be easily kept in the available space or left on the stove until it is time to use it is the best option.



A Dutch oven, irrespective of company size, can be used for various cooking tasks and purposes. Choose one that gives the most significant amount of variety, though, and you will get the most value for your money. And keep in mind that these goods are not inexpensive.

So, if this is your first and only Dutch oven, opting for one that appears a touch on the large side will allow you to experiment with various cooking methods. In addition, it will spare you the trouble of having to add extra sizes before you’re ready.


Navigating the world of Le Creuset Dutch oven sizes becomes more manageable with this comprehensive guide. Understanding the various capacities and dimensions available aids in selecting the perfect Dutch oven to suit individual cooking needs. Whether it’s a cozy meal for two or a feast for a larger gathering, Le Creuset offers a range of sizes to accommodate diverse cooking requirements. With this guide, finding the ideal Dutch oven size for your culinary adventures becomes an effortless and informed decision.


What are the most common sizes available for Le Creuset Dutch ovens?

Le Creuset Dutch ovens typically come in sizes ranging from 1 quart to 13.25 quarts, offering options suitable for individual servings to larger family meals.

How do I determine the right Dutch oven size for my needs?

Consider the number of people you usually cook for and the types of meals you prepare. Smaller sizes are ideal for individual portions or small families, while larger sizes cater to bigger meals or batch cooking.

Can I use different sizes of Le Creuset Dutch ovens interchangeably for recipes?

Yes, you can typically adapt recipes to different Dutch oven sizes. However, cooking times and ingredient quantities might need adjustments based on the size difference.

What’s the difference between the round and oval-shaped Dutch ovens in terms of size and functionality?

Round Dutch ovens are better for dishes that require depth and even heat distribution, while oval-shaped ovens offer more surface area, suitable for longer cuts of meat or whole poultry.

Are there specific uses for different sizes of Le Creuset Dutch ovens?

Smaller sizes are perfect for sauces, sides, or smaller meals, while larger ones accommodate soups, stews, roasts, and larger quantities of food, making them versatile for various cooking needs.

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