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Those who are familiar with the “Crime Scene Kitchen” understand why I included “detectives” in the title. However, if you are new to this reality show, let me tell you that it is a baking show. But, wait! What are the detectives doing there? Yeah! This is the real twist that creates the big hype for this show. So, crime scene kitchen contestants have to work not just as chefs but also as detectives!


The game is that some clues are usually left behind in the kitchen, for instance, a few traces of flour or crumbs, or other mysterious clues. So crime scene kitchen contestants have to use those clues to figure out what dessert was made there, and then they try to recreate that mystery dessert again in the kitchen. 

This well-known reality program is presented by Joel McHale, one of the entertainment industry’s most in-demand comedians and actors. In addition, Curtis Stone, a famous chef, and Yolanda Gampp, a YouTuber baker, serve as judges for this competition.


Who Were the Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants?

Crime scene kitchen contestants were divided into Group A and Group B. Each group consists of six teams. So, there were 24 contestants in total.

Here is the information I gathered about a few famous teams as thoroughly as possible:

Carolyn and Caroline

In the Crime Scene Kitchen, Carolyn and Caroline, a mother and daughter duet, were a lot of fun to watch, and the audience was delighted to learn they were related. They worked well together when they appeared on the program and had a fantastic rapport. They were able to lead the way because of their prior experience cooking together and because they had a keen sense of smell in the kitchen where the “crime” occurred. Unfortunately, they were booted from the competition early on, but they made a significant impression.


Carolyn Tunon, the mother, works as a baker at Baked305 in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. Caroline Schmidt works as an administrator at Dynamic Wellness in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Rebecca and Jean

Again, it was the mother-daughter duo that competed in the crime scene kitchen. Rebecca Miller and her mother, Jeanne Plumley, own Peggy Jean’s Pies in Columbia. After several virtual calls, psychological testing, and a baking quiz, they were invited to join as the Crime Scene Kitchen contestants. They were up against professional pastry chefs trying to recreate desserts using clues found in the kitchen. Despite the pandemic disrupting the local food industry, Miller said their business had remained busy. While Miller says they were hesitant about leaving their business for an unspecified number of weeks, they could not pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Cathy and Thomas 

This is the fantastic duo of Mother and son. From the very start, they never focused on the considerable amount of $100,000—all they wanted to enjoy together and give their best. Cathy Jacobson is a retired coordinator for the Dakota Nursing Program at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake, and his son is the pastry chef who lives in Vermont. They were the finalist of the crime scene kitchen. 

The two spent five weeks in Glendale, Calif., while they were part of the cast. However, they didn’t win the prize, but their time together is priceless, according to them.

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Luis & Natalie 

Toward the conclusion of the crime scene kitchen, this team of Palmerton residents were proclaimed the champions and took home $100,000.

A birthday cake was baked for judge Yolanda Gampp in the final showstopper round. Instead of duplicating an existing dessert, the teams were free to create their own creations using the provided components, as long as they followed the recipe exactly. Luis and Natalie captured the judges’ hearts with a pink fondant-wrapped multi-tiered cake.


When her team’s victory was revealed, Natalie claims she was utterly astonished.

  Check out the full list of crime scene kitchen contestants:  

Carolyn & CarolineMother and Daughter
Nathan & Anthony              Best friends
Jay & Thuy-Linh         Culinary School Friends
Rebecca and JeanMother and Daughter
Shania & Hope Best Friends
Cory & Donte    Best friends
Erinn & Amanda Military Veterans
Lorie & Jason Husband and Wife
Leslie and EmmaMother
Cathy & Thomas  Mother and Son
Luis & Natalie Friends
Natasha & Anthony Friends
Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2

The inaugural season of the show concluded on July 21 with an exhilarating victory celebration that marked the crowning of the show’s first-ever winner. Following the gripping finale, devoted FOX fans have been eagerly anticipating news regarding the show’s fate—whether it has been renewed for another season or canceled.


The suspense and anticipation among viewers have been palpable since the finale aired, with enthusiasts awaiting updates on the show’s continuation. The desire to uncover whether the captivating blend of culinary prowess and investigative intrigue will return for another thrilling season has kept fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the network’s decision.

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Is There Going to be a Season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen?

Possibly. It is not clear if FOX will bring back the baking competition series for a second season, which leaves the show’s fate in limbo.


Given how well the show paired with MasterChef: Legends throughout the summer, it is logical to assume FOX would be eager to try to recreate that magic next summer. Deadline reports that FOX is very much considering renewing the series, but the decision has not yet been made.


As you scrutinize the Crime Scene Kitchen contestants or detectives, the intrigue heightens. These culinary experts or investigators showcase their skills in deciphering the mysteries of recipes or clues left behind in the kitchen. The suspense unfolds as they unravel the secrets hidden within the ingredients or evidence, aiming to piece together the elusive dishes or solve the enigmatic crime scenes. Engage closely to witness their expertise unfold in this thrilling culinary or investigative challenge.



What is Crime Scene Kitchen about?

Crime Scene Kitchen is a captivating reality show where contestants or detectives analyze kitchen clues to recreate mystery dishes.

How do contestants approach the challenges?

Contestants meticulously study leftover ingredients and utensils to deduce the recipes, while detectives analyze crime scenes for clues.

Are there eliminations in the show?

Yes, contestants face eliminations based on their accuracy in recreating the mystery dishes, while detectives work to solve the crime cases.

Do contestants have culinary backgrounds?

Many contestants showcase culinary expertise, while detectives exhibit investigative skills, creating an intriguing mix of talents.

What sets Crime Scene Kitchen apart from other shows?

Its unique blend of culinary challenges and detective work offers a distinctive and thrilling viewing experience, keeping audiences hooked till the end.

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