9 Top Ratter Dogs: Your Ultimate Guide to Rat-Hunting Canine Companions

If you’re facing a rat problem, there’s no need to worry – these nine top ratter dogs have got you covered. With their exceptional hunting skills and unwavering determination, these canine companions are natural-born rat hunters. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to these remarkable breeds and explore what makes them the perfect partners in pest control.

Jack Russell Terrier: Energetic Rat Catcher

The Jack Russell Terrier is renowned for its boundless energy and fearless attitude. Bred for hunting, these terriers possess exceptional agility and determination. Their natural instinct to chase and catch rats makes them one of the most efficient rat hunters around.

Rat Terrier: The Alert Rat Hunter

As the name suggests, Rat Terriers are masters at ratting. Their keen intelligence and alert nature allow them to quickly detect and corner rodents. With a strong hunting instinct, Rat Terriers are excellent companions in your battle against rats.

Border Terrier: Versatile Rodent Exterminator

Border Terriers are versatile working terriers known for their prowess in various hunting tasks. When it comes to hunting small game, including rats, they excel. Their determination and ability to navigate tight spaces make them highly effective rat hunters.

Cairn Terrier: Sturdy Vermin Hunter

Originating from Scotland, Cairn Terriers were bred for vermin hunting. Despite their small size, these sturdy dogs have a powerful prey drive and a talent for ratting. Their tenacity and determination are key traits in their success as rat hunters.

Norfolk Terrier: Fearless Rat Chaser

Norfolk Terriers may be small, but their fearless nature more than makes up for their size. With a natural inclination for hunting, these terriers are efficient at catching rodents. Their compact build allows them to navigate various environments with ease.

West Highland White Terrier: The Rat Detective

Affectionately known as Westies, these terriers possess an exceptional sense of smell and strong hunting instincts. Their acute senses enable them to detect and track down rats with precision, making them excellent rat hunters.

Yorkshire Terrier: Bold Rat Pursuer

Don’t let their small stature fool you – Yorkshire Terriers have a bold and feisty personality that makes them stand out as rat hunters. Their tenacity and determination shine through as they fearlessly pursue prey.

Miniature Schnauzer: Vigilant Rat Alert

Miniature Schnauzers come equipped with a keen sense of smell and a strong prey drive. They are quick to alert their owners of any rodent activity, making them reliable rat detectors. Their protective instinct and ratting skills make them valuable companions.

Dachshund: Burrow Explorer and Rat Hunter

Originally bred for hunting badgers, Dachshunds have a natural instinct for hunting and chasing small game, including rats. Their elongated bodies and short legs allow them to access burrows and tight spaces where rats might hide.

Unleash the Rat-Hunting Expertise

These nine top ratter dogs are not just pets; they are skilled partners in pest control. Their hunting instincts, determination, and agility make them exceptional rat hunters. Whether you’re dealing with a rat problem or simply looking for a canine companion with a natural hunting ability, these breeds have what it takes to excel.


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