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9 of the Costliest Dog Breeds to Own

French Bulldog

A Toy Dog with Rich Roots

Meet the French Bulldog, a charming toy dog with roots dating back to Nottingham, England, in the 1800s. Despite its toy classification, this breed has a rich history, and its adorable demeanor makes it a sought-after companion, albeit one of the costliest.


Tibetan Mastiff

Guardian of Buddhist Monasteries

Enter the world of the Tibetan Mastiff, a colossal dog originally bred to safeguard Buddhist monasteries. Distinguished by its unique phenotype, this breed stands out among dogs of similar size. Explore the historical significance that adds to its price tag.



“Little Lion” of Rarity

Uncover the mystery of the Löwchen, aptly named “little lion” in German. This breed is not only a symbol of rarity but also ranks among the costliest dogs globally. Discover what makes this diminutive lion-like companion a prized possession.



Herding Heritage from Siberia

Journey to Northern Siberia with the Samoyed, a medium-sized breed initially created for herding. As one of the ancient basal breeds, the Samoyed brings a piece of history to modern households, adding to its appeal and cost.


Afghan Hound

A Timeless Base Breed

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Explore the elegance of the Afghan Hound, a base breed predating many contemporary dogs. Closely linked to the Saluki, this breed stands out with its distinctive appearance, making it one of the costliest and most graceful dogs.


Pharoah Hound

Hunting Heritage from Malta

Discover the Pharoah Hound, a medium-sized hunting dog historically bred on the island of Malta. Despite its name, this breed’s roots are far from Egypt, adding an element of mystery to its allure and cost.


Black Russian Terrier

Soviet Origins and Military Service

Unveil the history of the Black Russian Terrier, initially developed in the Soviet Union for working and military purposes. Raised exclusively for the government, this breed carries a unique legacy that contributes to its high cost.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Swiss Pride in a Versatile Package

Meet the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog, proud of its Swiss Alpine heritage. Originally intended as a versatile farming dog, this large breed brings a blend of beauty and utility, justifying its position among the costliest.


English Bulldog

Distinctive Charm of Wrinkled Elegance

Introduce yourself to the English Bulldog, also known as the British Bulldog. This medium-sized breed boasts a distinctively jowled and wrinkled face, making it a unique and charming companion. Delve into the characteristics that contribute to its status among the costliest dog breeds.

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