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9 Of The Cheapest Places To Visit In Florida On A Budget

Clearwater And St. Pete

Sun, Sand, and Savings

Clearwater and St. Petersburg, situated along the Gulf of Mexico, are fantastic choices for budget-conscious travelers. The miles of white sand beaches provide a serene backdrop without the hustle and bustle of peak travel times.


Cocoa Beach

Affordability Meets Adventure

Cocoa Beach, despite being one of the most affordable spots, offers a plethora of activities across its sandy shores. With gentle waves perfect for swimming and surfing, it’s a haven for budget travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.



Vibrancy on a Budget

Home to the University of Florida, Gainesville is a vibrant city with a thriving culinary, music, and arts scene. The historic downtown, adorned with old buildings, offers affordable delights in the form of thrift stores and cultural experiences.



Historic Wonders and Natural Beauty

Marathon beckons with the historic 7-Mile Bridge and the tropical allure of Sombrero Beach. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center’s 63 acres of pathways, making it an affordable haven for history and nature lovers.



Affordable Nature Escapes

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Ocala strikes a balance between affordability and access to historical attractions. Silver Springs State Park, with its glass-bottom boat excursions and natural pathways, offers a budget-friendly escape into Florida’s pristine outdoors.



Beauty and Arts on a Budget

Sarasota stands out as a gorgeous and affordable holiday destination. With sugar-fine white sand beaches and a vibrant arts scene, it provides world-class attractions at reasonable prices, making it a must-visit for budget-conscious travelers.



Gulf Coast Charm Without the Price Tag

Pensacola, nestled along the Panhandle coastline, enchants visitors with stunning white sand beaches and a laid-back Gulf Coast atmosphere. Enjoy the beauty without breaking the bank.


Daytona Beach

Miles of Sandy Bliss

Daytona Beach offers over 20 miles of sandy Atlantic beaches, allowing guests to drive, swim, fish, or simply relax by the sea. Budget travelers can revel in the affordable charm of this classic Florida destination.


Fort Lauderdale

Affordability Near Miami

Fort Lauderdale emerges as an excellent and more reasonably priced option than nearby Miami. Traveling during the fall and winter off-season provides budget-conscious travelers with even more affordable hotel options.

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