9 Intriguing Movies Like The Da Vinci Code

1. Angels & Demons

Description: A thrilling sequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” this film follows symbologist Robert Langdon as he races against time to solve a mystery rooted in ancient secrets and religious conspiracies.

The journey continues with Robert Langdon as he uncovers another intricate web of mysteries, this time centered around the Vatican. With breathtaking visuals and heart-pounding sequences, “Angels & Demons” is a must-watch for fans of thrilling treasure hunts and historical enigmas.

2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Description: Based on the popular novel, this gripping thriller follows a journalist and a hacker as they delve into a complex web of secrets, corruption, and religious symbolism.

Enter the world of intrigue and danger as a journalist and a hacker team up to investigate a decades-old disappearance. With a focus on dark family secrets and complex puzzles, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” will keep you guessing until the very end.

3. The Ninth Gate

Description: Directed by Roman Polanski, this supernatural thriller revolves around a rare book dealer who becomes entangled in a dangerous search for a book that may have the power to summon the Devil.

Prepare for a journey into the supernatural as a book dealer embarks on a quest to unlock the mysteries of a rare book with potentially sinister powers. “The Ninth Gate” expertly blends suspense and mysticism, leaving you intrigued and spellbound.

4. Inferno

Description: Another installment in the Robert Langdon series, this film finds Langdon on a race against time to stop a deadly global threat, involving a plague inspired by Dante’s “Inferno.”

Robert Langdon returns to unravel yet another complex puzzle, this time involving Dante’s infernal vision. With a global threat at hand, “Inferno” takes audiences on a high-stakes adventure filled with symbolism, codes, and suspense.

5. The Code

Description: A veteran thief and a skilled chess player team up to pull off a daring heist, facing unexpected twists and intricate puzzles.

Get ready for a heist filled with unexpected turns and intellectual challenges. “The Code” combines the thrill of crime with the complexity of puzzles, making it a perfect addition to your watchlist.

6. The Oxford Murders

Description: A young student and a professor become entangled in a series of murders connected to complex mathematical patterns.

Mathematics meets murder mystery in “The Oxford Murders.” As patterns unfold and the plot thickens, you’ll find yourself engrossed in a world where logic is the key to solving a series of cryptic crimes.

7. Deception

Description: A charismatic lawyer introduces a young accountant to an underground sex club, leading them both into a world of danger and betrayal.

Delve into the world of intrigue and deception as a lawyer entices a young accountant into a dangerous underground club. With layers of secrets and unexpected twists, “Deception” is a roller-coaster ride of suspense and betrayal.

8. The Constant Gardener

Description: A thrilling drama involving pharmaceutical companies, political corruption, and uncovering the truth behind a mysterious death in Africa.

This gripping drama explores the dark underbelly of corporate greed and political intrigue. “The Constant Gardener” combines suspense with social commentary, immersing you in a world of secrets and ethical dilemmas.

9. The Zero Theorem

Description: A reclusive computer genius works on a complex theorem that could explain the meaning of life, facing eccentric characters and philosophical questions.

Step into a world of philosophical exploration as a brilliant mind attempts to solve the enigma of existence itself. “The Zero Theorem” offers a unique blend of intellectual curiosity and visual intrigue that will leave you pondering the mysteries of life.

If you’re in search of movies that offer the same level of intrigue and complexity as “The Da Vinci Code,” these nine options are sure to satisfy your appetite for mystery and adventure. Whether it’s deciphering symbols, unraveling conspiracies, or exploring the depths of the human psyche, these films are bound to keep you engaged and entertained.


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