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8 Princess Cruises Ships, From Newest to Oldest

Embarking on a Princess Cruise is a voyage into luxury, comfort, and unforgettable experiences. With a fleet boasting a range of vessels, let’s explore eight Princess Cruises ships, from the newest to the oldest, each offering a unique blend of elegance and entertainment.

1. Discovery Princess (2022)

The crown jewel of the fleet, Discovery Princess, is a Royal class ship that accommodates 3,660 guests. Its allure lies in top-notch dining experiences, the prestigious Princess Theater, spacious Sky Suites, and an infinity Wake View Pool that promises breathtaking views.


2. Enchanted Princess (2021)

Another gem in the Royal class, Enchanted Princess, caters to 3,660 guests. Boasting four pools, an Asian spa, Sky Suites with expansive balconies, the Sanctuary for tranquility, and the SeaWalk providing jaw-dropping ocean views, it’s a haven of opulence.


3. Sky Princess (2019)

Sailing with a Royal class elegance, Sky Princess enchants 3,660 guests with a three-story atrium, the exquisite Chef’s Table Lumiere, a thrilling Casino, and Sky Suites offering panoramic ocean vistas that redefine luxury cruising.


4. Majestic Princess (2017)

Adding a touch of Chinese-inspired decor, Majestic Princess welcomes 3,560 guests. Standout features include the Harmony restaurant, the Hollywood Pool Club, and the adventurous SeaWalk that allows guests to stroll over the ocean.

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5. Regal Princess (2014)

As a Royal class beauty, Regal Princess accommodates 3,560 guests. Its enchantments include Movies under the stars, the dynamic Princess Live! entertainment venue, and the unforgettable SeaWalk experience.


6. Royal Princess (2013)

A vessel of grandeur, Royal Princess, accommodating 3,560 guests, boasts a stunning grand atrium, the captivating SeaWalk, and the unique Chef’s Table Lumiere for a dining experience like no other.


7. Ruby Princess (2008)

As part of the Crown class, Ruby Princess welcomes 3,080 guests with features like Movies under the stars, the vibrant Skywalkers nightclub, a rejuvenating spa, and the exclusive Sanctuary for a serene escape.


8. Emerald Princess (2007)

Completing our journey is the Crown class beauty, Emerald Princess, with 3,080 guests. Offering attractions such as Camp Discovery, The Sanctuary for relaxation, a putting course, and swanky bars, it promises a cruise experience tailored to diverse preferences.

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