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8 Most Valuable Antiques Roadshow Items

The Antiques Roadshow has become a treasure trove of unexpected discoveries, showcasing the hidden value in seemingly ordinary items. Over the years, numerous individuals have brought their possessions to the show, only to find out that they possess treasures worth a fortune. In this article, we delve into the stories behind the 8 most valuable Antiques Roadshow items, revealing the surprising histories and significance of each.

Joseph Kleitsch Oil Painting

What started as a high school project for Betsy Soule in 1973 turned into a remarkable antique find. The Joseph Kleitsch Oil Painting, initially purchased for a mere $100, showcases the journey from a face ceramics focus to a valuable art piece. Let’s uncover the transformation of this exquisite painting from a student’s creation to a prized antique.


Stirling Moss’ Car

At first glance, an antique car once used for transporting pigs may not seem valuable. However, the connection to racing legend Stirling Moss adds an unexpected twist. Explore the surprising story behind Stirling Moss’ Car, unraveling the history of this antique vehicle and its unexpected worth.

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Alexander Calder Mobile

Appearances can be deceiving, as demonstrated by the seemingly ordinary gravy boat that turns out to be the Faberge Drinking Vessel. Once owned by the Russian Tsar in 1904, this antique holds a royal history. Discover the journey of the Alexander Calder Mobile and the intriguing tale behind this historically significant drinking vessel.


Lord Admiral Nelson Drawing

In 2012, historians were astonished when a never-before-seen painting of Lord Admiral Nelson emerged, challenging their understanding of the renowned figure. Delve into the unexpected discovery and the impact of the Lord Admiral Nelson Drawing on historical perspectives, as well as the newfound value of this hidden masterpiece.


Van Dyck Masterpiece

Canon Jamie MacLeod’s $400 acquisition raised questions about the authenticity of the painting attributed to Frederic Remington. However, further investigation revealed a surprising twist—it was not Remington, the gun manufacturer, but an authentic Van Dyck Masterpiece. Explore the journey of uncertainty, verification, and the newfound value of this unexpected masterpiece.

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