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8 Lower Ab Exercises for a Stronger Core

A strong core is the foundation of a healthy and fit body, and targeting the lower abs is key to achieving a well-rounded core workout. Whether you’re looking to tone your midsection or enhance your overall strength, these eight lower ab exercises will help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Ab Contractions: The Foundation of Core Strength

Lie on your back, engage your core, and hold for 30 seconds.

Ab contractions may seem simple, but they are foundational for core strength. Squeeze your back into the ground and draw your navel towards your spine to activate your core muscles. Hold this position for 30 seconds, gradually increasing the duration as your strength improves.


2. Leg Drops: Targeting the Lower Abs

Lower your legs towards the floor while keeping your lower back pressed into the ground (10-16 repetitions).

Leg drops are effective for isolating the lower abdominal muscles. Focus on maintaining a stable lower back position as you lower your legs towards the floor. Perform 10-16 repetitions, feeling the burn in your lower abs with each controlled movement.


3. Hip Lift: Elevate Your Hips for Lower Ab Engagement

Lift your legs vertically, press your feet towards the ceiling (10-15 repetitions).

Engage your lower abs and hips by lifting your legs into a vertical position. Press your feet towards the ceiling, lifting your hips off the ground. This exercise targets both the lower abs and hip muscles. Aim for 10-15 repetitions for a comprehensive workout.


4. Boat Pose: Core Engagement and Balance Improvement

Sit with knees bent, extend legs to 45 degrees, and hold (up to 1 minute).

Boat pose is a yoga-inspired exercise that challenges your core and improves balance. Sit with your knees bent, extend your legs, and lift them to a 45-degree angle. Extend your arms parallel to the floor and hold the position for up to 1 minute, feeling the engagement in your core.

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5. Mountain Climbers: Cardiovascular Endurance and Core Strength

Start in a high plank position, alternate bringing knees towards chest (1 minute).

Mountain climbers are a dynamic exercise that not only improves cardiovascular endurance but also strengthens your entire core. Start in a high plank position and alternate bringing your knees towards your chest. Perform this exercise for 1 minute to elevate your heart rate and engage your lower abs.


6. Rocking Plank: Core Stability Challenge

Shift your body forward and backward in a low plank position (1 minute).

Rocking plank adds an element of instability to the traditional plank. Shift your body forward and backward while maintaining a low plank position. This exercise engages your core and challenges your stability. Continue for 1 minute, feeling the burn in your lower abs.


7. Scissor Kicks: Dynamic Lower Ab Workout

Lie on your back, lift legs, and alternate lowering one leg towards the floor (10-16 repetitions).

Scissor kicks are a dynamic lower ab exercise. Lie on your back, lift your legs, and alternate lowering one leg towards the floor while keeping the other raised. Perform 10-16 repetitions to target your lower abs and enhance overall core strength.


8. The Hundred: Breathing Control and Core Engagement

Lie on your back, pump arms up and down, inhaling for 5 pumps, exhaling for 5 pumps (10 sets of 10 repetitions).

The Hundred is a Pilates-inspired exercise that not only engages your core but also improves breathing control. Lie on your back with knees up, pump your arms up and down while inhaling for 5 pumps and exhaling for 5 pumps. Repeat for 10 sets of 10 repetitions to feel the burn in your lower abs.

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