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8 Cheap Landscaping Updates that Make a Splash

Small Water Feature

Create a Tranquil Artesian Fountain

Adding a water feature doesn’t need to be a complex endeavor. Learn how to construct a beautiful artesian fountain in just two days with minimal effort and supplies. The best part? Once it’s in place, you can enjoy the tranquility without worrying about extensive maintenance.


Carve Out a Slice for a Flower Bed

Simple Steps to a Vibrant Flower Bed

Transforming a part of your lawn into a flower bed is simpler than you think. All it takes is some basic edging, quality soil, and a selection of vibrant flowers. Discover how to achieve this without breaking the bank, bringing color and life to your garden effortlessly.


Grow Self-Seeding Flowers

Budget-Friendly Perennials for Every Season

Explore the world of self-seeding flowers, such as hollyhocks, that can save you money while providing perennial beauty. Investing in a packet of seeds today can result in a continuous display of flowers throughout the seasons.


Use Cheap Planters, but Dress Them Up

Elevate Affordable Planters with Creativity

Even inexpensive planters can become eye-catching with a touch of creativity. Learn how to use garden twine and hot glue to transform basic planters into stylish garden accessories. It’s a fun and cost-effective way to enhance your outdoor decor.

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Build a Rustic Arbor

Affordable Garden Trellis without Welding

For just $25 worth of steel rebar, you can create a stunning garden trellis without the need for welding. Follow our guide to bend the arches and use wire to secure ornamental circles, adding a rustic and charming element to your landscape.


Repurpose Containers for Starting Seeds

Greenhouse on a Budget with Recycled Containers

Discover a clever way to repurpose plastic clamshell containers from the salad bar into miniature greenhouses for starting seeds. This simple hack is not only eco-friendly but also a practical solution for kickstarting your garden in the spring.


Save Your Tender Bulbs

Overwintering for Continuous Bloom

Don’t let fragile bulbs wither away. Learn how to overwinter them in containers, providing a cost-effective way to enjoy their blooms year after year. This practical tip ensures your garden stays vibrant without additional expenses.


Recycle Berry Containers for Lawn Care

Multipurpose Recycling for Lawn Maintenance

Before tossing those plastic berry containers, consider their utility in lawn care. Learn how to repurpose them for applying grass seed to your lawn, turning a kitchen leftover into a handy gardening tool.

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