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8 Birth Month Birds: What Your Bird Symbolizes

Discover the unique birds associated with each birth month and the traits they symbolize. From the wise owl of January to the majestic eagle of July, each bird embodies characteristics reflective of those born in its month.

January — Owl

For those born in the chill of January, the owl is your birth month bird. Renowned for its wisdom, the owl symbolizes observation and deep knowledge. Individuals with this birth month are known for their insightfulness, quiet demeanor, and resilience in standing up for what they believe in.


February — Indigo Bunting

The Indigo Bunting, a bird with an exceptional internal compass, represents February births. It symbolizes the pursuit of dreams and intuition, marking February-born people as dreamers led by their hearts. They are intuitive, artistic, and open to embracing life’s myriad experiences.


February — Parrot

Another bird for February, the parrot, showcases spunk, intelligence, and a vivid personality. February individuals mirror these traits with their own vibrant personalities, creativity, and spirited freedom.


March — Robin

The robin, a migratory songbird known for its industrious nature, is March’s bird. It embodies community love, loyalty, and a sense of comfort with oneself. March-born folks are open-hearted, giving, and resilient.

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April — Wilson’s Warbler

Representing April, Wilson’s Warbler is a diminutive yet generous bird. Its song and presence symbolize a giving nature, a trait that April individuals carry, offering their time, love, and resources freely.


May — Nightingale

The nightingale, known for its melodious song, symbolizes May. This bird represents positivity and kindness, qualities that May-born people radiate. They are empathetic, brightening the days of those around them with positivity.


June — Dove

June’s bird, the dove, stands for peace, love, hope, and renewal. Individuals born in June embody these characteristics, spreading peace and hope wherever they go, and constantly seeking love and transformation in their lives.


July — Eagle

The eagle, majestic and soaring, symbolizes July. It represents the dichotomy of self-doubt and confidence, loyalty, and an incredible depth of character. July-born individuals often battle self-doubt but are also known for their loyalty, brilliant minds, and big hearts.

Each birth month bird brings forth a unique set of symbolic traits that reflect the personalities of those born under its wing. Whether you’re an observant owl or a generous robin, these birds offer insights into our deepest selves and the qualities we manifest in our lives.

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