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8 Best Family Day Trips from Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, renowned for its vibrant music scene, serves as a perfect hub for delightful family day trips. Whether you’re intrigued by history, nature, or unique experiences, these destinations offer a refreshing escape from the bustling city life.

1. Franklin, TN: Classic Americana Charm

Franklin, with its classic Americana charm, provides an ideal day trip. Immerse yourself in Civil War history, wander through boutiques, and don’t miss the chance to visit alpaca farms – a unique and family-friendly experience.


2. Leiper’s Fork, TN: Artistic Escape

Leiper’s Fork, an artist-filled town, awaits just a 40-minute drive away. Explore boutiques, relish the atmosphere at Puckett’s Grocery, and, for the adults, indulge in tastings at Leiper’s Fork Distillery.


3. Bowling Green, KY: Quaint Southern Town

Bowling Green, an hour’s drive from Nashville, offers a quaint southern town experience. Discover Fountain Square Park, visit Western Kentucky University, and explore the historic rail park and train museum.


4. Ethridge, TN: Amish Oasis

Ethridge, just over an hour from Nashville, invites you into the serene world of the Amish. Tour Amish shops, enjoy a horse and wagon tour, or take a scenic drive through this unique farm community.

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5. Mammoth Cave, KY: Subterranean Wonder

A 1.5-hour drive takes you to Mammoth Cave National Park, home to one of the world’s largest cave systems. Besides cave exploration, enjoy hiking trails, canoeing, and the Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum.


6. Huntsville, AL: Space and Arts Delight

Huntsville, less than two hours away, beckons with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, a vibrant art scene, craft breweries, and outdoor adventures for the entire family.


7. Lynchburg, TN: Whiskey and History

Lynchburg, 1.5 hours from Nashville, is synonymous with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Explore historic sites, dine in local restaurants, and visit the Lynchburg old jail museum.


8. Sewanee, TN: Scenic College Town

Sewanee, perched atop Monteagle Mountain, offers a charming college town atmosphere. Enjoy scenic hikes and explore the beautiful grounds of the University.

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