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8 Beautiful and Delicious Easter Breads to Add to Your Holiday Table

Bread Machine Easter Bread Recipe

Simplified Tradition with a Bread Machine

For those seeking a simplified approach to the age-old tradition of Easter bread, our Bread Machine Easter Bread Recipe is the perfect solution. Utilizing a bread machine to create a slightly sweetened dough, this recipe guides you through the process of shaping it into a traditional braid, complete with a delightful surprise—dyed eggs nestled within.


Individual Italian Easter Bread Rings

Convenient Elegance for Your Celebration

If you crave both convenience and elegance, our Individual Italian Easter Bread Rings, made with frozen bread dough, are the answer. These personal-sized bread rings, adorned with icing, sprinkles, and colorful pastel eggs, not only save you time but also add a beautiful and festive touch to your Easter brunch or gathering.


Hot Cross Buns

Sweet Tradition for Easter Sunday

No Easter table is complete without the beloved tradition of Hot Cross Buns. Our sweet recipe, filled with plump currants or raisins, not only pays homage to this time-honored custom but also adds a touch of sweetness to your Easter Sunday brunch. The cross on top symbolizes the holiday, making it a meaningful addition to your spread.


Tsoureki – Greek Easter Bread

A Greek Twist for Easter Delight

Tsoureki, a soft and gently sweet yeast bread with a distinctive flavor, brings a touch of Greek charm to your Easter celebration. Reminiscent of brioche or challah, this delightful treat stands on its own and transforms into fantastic French toast when enjoyed as leftovers.

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Tsoureki Flower filled with Praline

Stunning and Surprisingly Simple

Impress your guests with the Tsoureki Flower filled with Praline, a Greek-style sweet brioche traditionally baked during Easter. While its appearance may seem intricate, the process of shaping the dough into a flower is surprisingly simple, making it an accessible yet show-stopping addition to your holiday table.


Easter Bread with Raisins

A Visual Twist on Classic Paska Bread

Our twist on classic Paska bread introduces a sweet, indulgent loaf made with milk, eggs, sugar, and butter. Topped with a sweet glaze and colorful sprinkles, this Easter bread is not only visually stunning but also a delightful addition to your Easter or year-round festivities.


Resurrection Rolls Recipe

A Meaningful and Delicious Tradition

Celebrate the story of Easter with our Resurrection Rolls Recipe. These homemade cinnamon sugar rolls, also known as Resurrection Rolls, not only serve as a delicious treat but also provide a meaningful way to share the Easter story. This simple recipe becomes a fun and educational activity for the whole family.


Crescia al Formaggio

Italian Savory Delight for Your Feast

Crescia al Formaggio, an Italian Easter bread packed with savory flavors, takes center stage on your holiday table. Crafted with a blend of cheeses and eggs, its light and airy texture, combined with the irresistible aroma as it bakes, makes it a must-have for your Easter feast.

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