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7 Things Interior Designers Love From Hobby Lobby

Pots and Pottery: Homely Elegance

For any interior designer, finding the perfect pot is akin to finding a cozy home for a plant. The Farleys, experienced designers, express their admiration for a particular pot at Hobby Lobby that consistently surpasses their expectations.


Floral Stems: Nature’s Touch Indoors

Beyond traditional greenery, designers are incorporating artificial stems with buds or leaves in bloom. These delicate selections bring nature indoors and provide a year-round aesthetic appeal.


Wall Mirrors: Affordable Elegance

Locating an elegant yet reasonably priced mirror can be challenging, but Hobby Lobby offers a diverse selection. One designer, Nordike, highlights her favorite mirror style, showcasing the store’s commitment to affordable elegance.


Pseudo Vintage: Nostalgia Without the Hunt

In an ideal world, everyone would have access to genuine antiques. Hobby Lobby bridges this gap by offering pseudo-vintage items, allowing homeowners to embrace nostalgia without the complexities of hunting for authentic pieces.

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Cabinet Refreshers: Small Changes, Big Impact

Ashley Farley emphasizes the importance of small details, especially when refreshing kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Hobby Lobby provides solutions for those looking to make a significant impact with minor changes.


Holiday Decor: Festive Finds

Nordike attests to Hobby Lobby’s festive spirit during the holidays. From unique jingle bells to classic red and green décor, the store becomes a haven for those seeking to infuse their homes with holiday cheer.


Artificial Greenery: Low Maintenance, High Aesthetics

While the allure of live plants and flowers is undeniable, the maintenance can be daunting. Hobby Lobby’s collection of high-quality artificial greenery provides the perfect solution for a vibrant and low-maintenance home.

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